Start Using Those iPhone Earbuds to Their Full Potential


Discovered today on Business Insider: Wow, in shorter than two minutes, I learned 14 power lessons that will definitely come in handy! A question for you: How do you use your earbuds? [Read more...]

RescueTime: How Well Do You Use the Gift of Time?

A few months ago, an online friend introduced me to the RescueTime website. At first I was skeptical about the site’s claims that it could help me stop inefficiencies in my days and better use my time spent online. But since I’m usually game to try new tech tools, I figured I would give this [Read More...]

Productivity Pondering: The Day My Name Was in the Wall Street Journal

One of the things I sometimes forget when I blog here at Patheos is that someone other than my mom and dad may actually wander by and read my musings. An example of that happened last week, when I received an email from the very lovely Sue Shellenbarger of the Wall Street Journal. Sue had [Read More...]

Brain Dumping: My “To Do” List Runneth Over…

One of my fellow Patheos bloggers asked an interesting question the other day to our group, querying the rest of us about how we organize and keep track of our writing commitments. I was amazed by the variety of answers and the creativity of some of my fellow writers. My answer was boring: Google Calendar. [Read More...]