“A.D. The Bible Continues”–Set Your DVR!

A.D. - Season 1

I just spent the last hour watching as sneak peek of Sunday’s premier of the new N.B.C. drama A.D. The Bible Continues. Following on the heals of their massive hit The Bible, Executive Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett again combine forces to bring new dramatic life to timeless truths. A.D. debuts on Sunday and will [Read More...]

The Bible: Why I’ll Be Watching the Burnett/Downey Miniseries

I’m not usually a huge television watcher, but there is one show that’s a “don’t miss” for me: Survivor. I’ve daydreamed about getting voted off the island for years and even have my strategy all worked out for floating under the radar to ensure myself a jury position. When Jeff Probst comes calling, I’m ready [Read More...]