When Violence Divides Us

I’ve already mentioned here on the blog how challenging, in fact heart-wrenching, it can be to try to blog in the aftermath of tragedies like last week’s devastation in Connecticut. Yesterday, I was reminded personally how swift the transition from national outrage to finger pointing can really be. It’s not surprising, perhaps, that in the [Read More...]

Doing the “Holiday Party” Circuit When You’re Not in the Mood

Is your calendar as crazy as mine is this week? We’ve got a slew of “holiday parties”, many of them professional responsibilities, that involve dressing up in high heels and going out when I’d truly rather snuggle up in PJs and finally watch the finale of Survivor (and no spoilers please!) Normally I love parties, [Read More...]

CFCA: Changing Our World One Friend at a Time

When I look back at and reflect upon my professional objectives for the year 2012, one of the greatest “accomplishments” for which I give thanks is the relationships I’ve built this year. A few stand out in my mind — including my growing friendship with my mentor and editor Elizabeth Scalia here on Patheos (which is [Read More...]

Can There Possibly Be Joy amidst the Pain?

Today is a challenge. We crowd into our churches to celebrate the Mass. We light a rose colored candle on this third Sunday of Advent — Gaudete Sunday — and “rejoice” as our hearts journey closer to Christ and the celebration of Christmas. Today is a moment set aside in the midst of Advent to [Read More...]

Praying for the Families & Loved Ones of Sandy Hook Elementary

I’m just arriving home from an extended meeting and — like the rest of you — am trying to digest the horrific act of violence perpetrated today at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. No words could ever restore what has been lost, so I will simply ask our readers to join me today in [Read More...]