Teen Locked in Basement: Let’s Get out of Our Bubbles

Watching this story today on CNN, I was horrified: A 17 year old, developmentally delayed Missouri teen, locked with handcuffs in his townhouse basement since September and subsiding on instant oatmeal and ramen noodles… Neighbors suspected trouble, but didn’t report anything to authorities until their fears were shared aloud by another acquaintance… Authorities intervened on [Read More...]

Navigating the Turns of Life’s Winding Road

A stream of consciousness post, mentally written on my drive home from the mountains yesterday with my son Adam… Your turn the key to the ignition and slowly put the car into drive. Both teens, wiped out from a day of skiing, are asleep before the tires finish crunching their way out of the slushy, [Read More...]

Gone Sluggin’

As you read this, I’m on the road with my 18 year old high school senior Adam. We’re headed to the coast for the day to attend a college admissions event at UC Santa Cruz. The home of the Banana Slugs is honestly not high on either of our lists, but a road trip to [Read More...]