Sharing My Prayer of Thanksgiving

Frequent blog readers will know that I love my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame. I was recently invited to pen a “Prayer of Thanksgiving” to be shared on the University’s FaithND website. The “prayercards” section of the site includes many beautiful prayers that you can send via a variety of formats. This week, [Read More...]

Giving Thanks Amidst the Pain

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 9.56.54 AM

As the world around us swirls in a frenzy of turkeys to be brined and pies to be baked… As we struggle to finish work so that we can walk away for a few days to feast with loved ones… As we anticipate how snow will potentially wreak havoc on travel plans… As we pause, [Read More...]

Why I #Gratefultweet

For 424 days and counting, my friend @MattSwaim has been starting his social media days with a “#gratefultweet“. His first online communication of the day over at Twitter states — in 140 characters or less — something for which he is grateful. Sometimes the blessings are simple, other times more profound. Regardless, they never cease [Read More...]

“Just Saying No” to Thanksgiving Stress

Thanksgiving is truly one of my favorite holidays. I really owe these good feelings to my own parents, who set an early example for their five kids on how to do it right. Somehow in their division of marital labor agreement, my mom and dad decided that Thanksgiving was Daddy’s domain. So while he and [Read More...]