Greg & Jennifer Willits Interview Me… And YOU Can Win My Book!


Several years ago, Greg and Jennifer Willits gave a “Yes” that has had a major impact on my life and work. Greg and Jennifer have given so many remarkable “Yeses” in the years since I’ve known them. But the “Yes” that first drew me to them was their commitment to their very first podcast, the [Read More...]

A Look Back at #GraceOfYesDay


After a whirlwind of travel and amazing experiences sharing The Grace of Yes via Catholic media, I am back in my home office today and sorting mentally through all of the experiences of the past few weeks. I’ve had the chance to look at some of the amazing posts, photos and tweets from #graceofyesday, celebrated [Read More...]

Popple Records Theme Song for “The Grace of Yes”

Daughters of St. Paul share their "Yes"!

Just when you thought that the launch for “The Grace of Yes” couldn’t get any more fun and non-traditional (after this week’s amazing #graceofyesday viral campaign) I’m thrilled to share an awesome video recorded especially to celebrate your “Yes”! The genius musicians behind this are Kyle and Dan of Popple. They generously share their talents [Read More...]

Join us for a Virtual “Grace of Yes” Book Club & Interview {with me}!

GOY Book Club sq

Tomorrow is an exciting day for me — the “official launch” of my new book The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living. To say that I’m nervous would be a major understatement. Friends who have had an advance peek at the book have responded with a “Wow, you got pretty personal…” response that [Read More...]

Meet “Fiat” the Goldfish

Friends of Fiat

The waiting is over! The votes have been tabulated! … and the winner is: Fiat! I want to personally thank all of you who participated in our amazing Name the Goldfish initiative. As I mentioned here, this little goldfish, now named “Fiat”, has become a symbol for the themes addressed in The Grace of Yes. I [Read More...]

#UDMC2014 Dallas Done Right — Sweet Tweets for 10/26/14

With my dear friend Kara Klein (@KaraKleinMusic) at #UDMC2014

As I type this, I’m ensconced in a basement Starbucks in Chicago, still trying to figure out what time it is. My computer says one time, my phone another and my watch (remember those?) a third. Take your pick…  It’s been a busy but amazing week. As I was sitting in the Dallas Fort Worth [Read More...]

Yes! Your Goldfish Name Could Win $250 for Your Favorite Charity

Hendey Name Fish image 1B 1014

Since the book cover for my new project “The Grace of Yes” was debuted a few months ago, many people have asked me about the significance of that spunky goldfish enthusiastically jumping out of a what appears to some as a martini glass. “Why the fish?” they ask. “And what’s in the glass?” they want [Read More...]

A Sneak Peek at My New Book “The Grace of Yes”


While the November 3 release date feels extremely distant, I’ve received permission from my awesome publisher Ave Maria Press to give you a “sneak peek” at the cover and descriptive copy for my new book The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living. So without any further ado, I present to you the new [Read More...]