#IStandWithThomasPeters – A Day for Hope and Action

If you’re a follower of this blog, you’ve been praying with me for the ultimately brave duo of Thomas and Natalie Peters in the wake of Thom’s horrific injury. For me, watching the two of them — faced with such a challenge in the earliest weeks of their marriage — has been a true lesson [Read More...]

American Papist Thomas Peters Offers Blog Update – Keep Praying!

If you’ve been following the ongoing health progress of Thom Peters, the blogging voice behind American Papist, you already have seen sure signs of miracles in the making. So today I’m happy to share the good news that Thom has a new blog post online detailing his accident and recovery to date. The entire thing [Read More...]

Thanking God for Small Miracles: Thomas Peters Update

Over on the update blog for our friend and fellow blogger American Papist Thomas Peters, we received a promising update today. Along with describing the developments in newlyweds Thomas and Natalie’s rehab and housing situation, a tiny glimmer of one of those developments we’ve been praying for: Lastly, yesterday Thomas began moving his entire left [Read More...]

Thomas Peters’ Surgery Scheduled, Novena Continues

For those of you praying with me for the health and wellbeing of my fellow Catholic blogger Thomas Peters of American Papist, you’ll want to know that Thom is scheduled for surgery tomorrow at 7:30 am ET. You can find all of the details online at the blog. Please take a moment tonight or early [Read More...]

Stayed Updated on Thomas Peters’ Recovery: Information Website Up and Running

As of today, friends who are interested in praying for the recovery of Catholic blogger and speaker Thomas Peters can find updates at a new website at http://tpetersrecovery.blogspot.com/. Some helpful features of the site include updates on Thom’s medical condition, information about praying with others for his complete recovery, as well as an address where you [Read More...]

Praying for Thomas: How the Internet Connects Us in Real Ways

If you’re online this morning (and yes, it’s still morning in California), you may have heard the news that our fellow blogger and social media evangelist Thomas Peters is in critical condition following a tragic swimming accident (Elizabeth has details here).  I hope you’ll join me in praying for his total healing, as well as [Read More...]