Rwanda Journal #4: Catholic Relief Services Egan Orientation

CRS Orientation

Follow all of my Rwanda Journal posts here. Today started bright and early with a wake up call that roused me from a short but delicious sleep. Our hotel — the Days Inn Baltimore Inner Harbor — is only a few short blocks from the Catholic Relief Services headquarters. You can’t imagine my excitement when [Read More...]

Rwanda Journal #3: Baltimore and Books


Follow all of my Rwanda Journal posts here. Today was a full day of travel. And I’m only really just getting started. My alarm went off at 3:30 am Pacific time in Seattle… sufficient time for a shower, a quick kiss for my sleepy husband Greg (we said a proper goodbye last night) and a [Read More...]

Rwanda Journal #2: Packing and Planning


Today I did something I haven’t done any time in recent memory: I turned on my email autoresponder. Why? I’m getting ready for my upcoming trip to Rwanda. I shared back in July that — much to my amazement and great joy — I had been selected as a recipient of Catholic Relief Services Egan [Read More...]

Rwanda Journal #1: The Big News


For the past two years, I have been working in partnership with Catholic Relief Services to use my platform at to support the good work being done around the world by CRS. For those who are not familiar with CRS, here is an overview of their services: Catholic Relief Services was founded in 1943 [Read More...]

American Pilgrims Find Themselves in Rome for Historic Days

Mountain Butorac, The Catholic Traveler, prepares for media interviews

Among those I’m following in Rome is my friend Mountain Butorac of The Catholic Traveler. Mountain and the pilgrims he’s leading in a trip to the Vatican this week find themselves in the enviable position of being on the ground in St. Peter’s Square during the Conclave. For great photos and firsthand tweets, follow Mountain on [Read More...]

Of Snowstorms, Surgeons, and Snafus: Keeping Life in Perspective

Today did not go according to plan. If it had, I would be typing this from the airport in Los Angeles, awaiting my flight to the Mid Atlantic Congress in Baltimore. Instead, I am sitting in my home office trying not to seethe over the fact that my flight was cancelled due to a snowstorm. [Read More...]

At Home in the Body of Christ

Adam and the Pioneer

The past few days have been filled with contrast. We are in Eugene, Oregon for a few days, visiting the University of Oregon with our sons Adam (the potential future Duck) and Eric (the current Harvard Junior who’s along for the ride). I must say that I came into this little adventure as a skeptic, [Read More...]

Our Own Versions of the Holy Family

Old St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco

First off, let me thank you for tolerating the week of silence here on A Good Measure. Like most of you, I took the past week off to celebrate Christmas with my family and am now dragging myself, kicking and screaming, back to my keyboard. I hope the Octave of Christmas has been as beautiful [Read More...]

Random Inspiration En Route to Dallas

Hey team! I’m sitting in the airport in San Francisco on my way to Dallas for this weekend’s University of Dallas Ministry Conference. First off, may I wholeheartedly thank SFO for providing the cubicle with TWO plugs where I’m currently sitting and working during my hourlong layover? As a frequent traveler, I commend you. This [Read More...]

Blessed JP II, We Love You

My view of the Beatification of Blessed John Paul II

It feels fitting that today, the day after Pope Benedict XVI canonized seven new saints for a Church so greatly in need of heroic role models, we are celebrating the life of Blessed John Paul II. Yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI presided over the Rite of Canonization and Eucharistic Celebration in honor of: James Berthieu Pedro [Read More...]