Why Pope Francis’ Living Arrangements Matter – To Me

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From Zenit via Fr. Lombardi, Holy See Press Office Director, this morning came the news of Pope Francis’ latest surprise – he will, for the time being, remain domiciled in Domus Sanctae Martae where he has been living since becoming our Pontiff. Here’s an eye-catching video from Catholic News Service that gives us an inside peek [Read More...]

Pope Francis Mania – Relive the Joy of the Moment in St. Peter’s Square

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This video from Fr. Roderick Vonhogen of SQPN is seriously MUST WATCH. Along with being a great capture of the actual moment of the white smoke from the ground in St. Peter’s Square, you’ll experience the sense of awe of Pope Francis’ first few moments, and the incredible joy of a terrific crowd of young [Read More...]

Ignatius Press’ Jesuit Fr. Fessio on Pope Francis

Fr. Joseph Fessio

From the Founder and Publisher of Ignatius Press, Father Joseph Fessio — himself a Jesuit — comes the following commentary: “It is a brilliant stroke of the Holy Spirit that completely faked out the media (and me too, I have to say). A son of Ignatius takes the name of Francis. A man of Old [Read More...]

Pope Francis, Not Pope Francis I

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Per the Vatican’s News Facebook presence: There had also been initial speculation regarding “for which St. Francis?” Pope Francis took his name. Also from the Vatican News Facebook page we learn: The 265th Successor of Peter (and 266th Pope) has taken the name Francis after Saint Francis who was born in Assisi, an Umbrian hilltop [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan on Pope Francis and the Conclave

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Take a few moments this morning and enjoy this video of Cardinal Dolan’s press conference yesterday, unpacking the Conclave and sharing his impressions of Pope Francis. In this Reuters article, I love Cardinal Dolan’s summation: “There is a sense of relief in all of us because we now have a good new shepherd,” Dolan said. [Read More...]

Habemus Papam: Fantastic Firsthand Footage from Seminarians in Rome “Brothers in Black”

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I have loved the Brothers in Black for quite some time, but now I’m even more enamored after sharing today’s excitement with them via this firsthand video of the smoke, the waiting, the prayer, the announcement and the great joy of welcoming Pope Francis. Enjoy — and share! This video needs to go viral! [Read more...]

@Pontifex – Pope Francis’ Vatican Team Tweets

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Although I find it unlikely that our new Pope Francis immediately rounded up his iPhone and tweeted personally, I was happy today to see a quick tweet from the official @Pontifex account: It’s terrific to know that the Vatican’s embracing of social media in the New Evangelization will continue. During these busy days ahead, it’s [Read More...]

Pope Francis – First Pontiff from the Americas — A Jesuit Holy Father

Pope Francis - First Pontiff from the Americas

The smoke has cleared and we were just introduced to our new Holy Father, Pope Francis. Cardinal Bergolio of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a 77 year old Jesuit, has just been introduced to the crowd. Prior to giving his first blessing, Pope Francis prayed together with the crowds in St. Peter’s Square (and virtually around the world) [Read More...]

White Smoke, Balcony Watch

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Just a quick note for my own memory that on the fourth round of voting today, we saw white smoke from the Sistine Chapel chimney and are now waiting to meet our new Holy Father.  [Read more...]

That Conclave Chimney Seagull


As we wait, that seagull who sat perched atop the chimney of the Sistine Chapel is getting quite a lot of media attention: A Catholic News Service video of his own: A Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ChimneySeagull and evidence of him trending like crazy on Twitter. and even his own meme: [Read more...]