Sowing Dignity–Sweet Tweets for 11/14/15

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the diversity of our Church, about how her different people make up an amazing part of her complexity and her beauty. This week, I’ve found myself chatting with a young former marine turned security guard in Alabama, a front desk clerk at a Manhattan boutique hotel and [Read More...]

The Day Pope Francis Dropped by the Vatican Power Plant: What Would You Do?

News reports coming out of the Vatican today are documenting a remarkable, spontaneous visit by Pope Francis to the Vatican’s industrial zone, including a visit to the power plant, the woodworking area, and also time spent with the blacksmiths and plumbers. Per the website: A visit that everyone hoped for and no one could [Read More...]

Goga “No Work” Workout – Does “Not Working” Work?

This morning, in my perusing around the Internet I ran across this CNN video touting “Gym offers ‘no work’ workout”: “Wow,” I thought to myself, “Where do I sign up?” The ladies in the video — who look to be around my age — tout the virtues of this new contraption. Stand on it for an hour [Read More...]