Where I’ve Been: When a Writer Writes


Although none of you have asked for it, I feel I owe an explanation to any readers of this blog to explain my sporadic presence here of late. I’m “writing”. I don’t know if you have any “writers” in your life, but perhaps you recognize some of the traits of this strange breed: We ponder, [Read More...]

Catholic Writers Retreat: Renew Your Spirit, Refine Your Gifts

I remember the first time I attended a Catholic writers conference. The event was being held at Thomas Aquinas College in Southern California — a one day opportunity to learn from, to worship and to network with other Catholic writers. I recall Greg and the boys dropping me off at the college and pulling away. [Read More...]

What Would You Discuss with Your Bishop?

Today, I’m asking for your prayers in anticipation of a very special meeting. In February, 2012, our Diocese of Fresno welcomed our new spiritual shepherd, Bishop Armando X. Ochoa, D.D. For several months now, I’ve been desirous of a meeting with my Bishop and today my appointment has finally arrived. While I’ve met Bishop Ochoa [Read More...]