Manti’s Mission, The Year of Faith & Me

I’ve been praying about how to broach a topic that I know may be a bit controversial here on the blog with some of my friends who are readers and wonderful Catholics. I’ve mentally written, revised and trashed this particular topic at least three times this week, in the end chickening out from actually posting [Read More...]

Are the Synod & Year of Faith Just Inside Baseball?


Today, I read with great excitement Bishop Gerald F. Kincanis’ amazing blog post for Catholic News Service detailing the 57 propositions being put forward for consideration by the Synod Fathers. I have a few favorites among his summarizations, including: The role of social communication is important in handing on the faith. The primary mode of [Read More...]

A Good Measure

A Good Measure

Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap. For the measure with which you measure will in return be measured out to you. ¬†Luke 6:38 Some of my friends and loved ones may be logging onto this brand new “baby [Read More...]