The priority of relationships


Relationships matter. Clearly, we cannot always drop what we’re doing at a moment’s notice and attend to strained relationships. But no matter what our task, relationships are our business. [Read more...]

Working for the joy of others

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What would our workplaces look like if one of our prime directives were bringing joy? [Read more...]

Loving your neighbor as yourself


The most famous verse in Leviticus may be the command, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” [Read more...]

Abraham and Sarah’s hospitality

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How could we do more to encourage each other to be generous in hospitality, no matter what our professions are? [Read more...]

“God does own this business”

“I pray for wisdom on a daily basis. I’m not smart enough to run this business by myself and I know that but I believe God can sure help me.” [Read more...]

Pay equity: one company’s story


In 1981, when Ken Melrose was appointed CEO, Toro was on the verge of bankruptcy. He felt it was his calling from God to build a culture using the concept of servant leadership. It seemed obvious to him to look at “rank & file” employees as the real strength of the organization. [Read more...]