Walking with Jesus: Reflections on Danielle Shroyer’s “Where Jesus Prayed”


In her new book, Where Jesus Prayed, Danielle Shroyer takes us on a spiritual walk with the Lord’s Prayer as her companion. She reminds us that faith is always on the move, and on the move, she discovers new dimensions of this ancient prayer, often lost when we repeat it sitting in church. [Read more...]

Hospice and Healing: A Response to Janet Wehr’s ‘Peaceful Passages’


This post is part of a roundtable conversation for the Patheos Book Club on the new book, Peaceful Passages: A Hospice Nurse’s Stories of Dying Well, by Janet Wehr, RN. As a pastor, I have recommended hospice to congregants and friends for nearly thirty years. There comes a time when we need to let go [Read More...]

When Jesus Shows Up: A Response to James Stuart Bell’s ‘Encountering Jesus’


God is present everywhere, inspiring everyone, all the time, and every so often we notice it. Revelation is natural and built into reality in all its dimensions, both human and non-human. Accordingly, I affirm with James Stuart Bell and those he invited to share their stories that when Jesus is experienced, that experience can change our [Read More...]

Finding Spirituality in Suffering: Heather King’s “Stripped”


Stripped, Heather King’s new memoir on faith in the midst of a cancer diagnosis, brought to mind words from Viktor Frankl: “There is one thing I dread: not to be worthy of my sufferings.” Pain and illness, loss and persecution, are moral and spiritual issues. They may drive us away from God. We may seek revenge on [Read More...]

Wherever There is Truth, God is its Source: On ‘The Gospel of Happiness’


Book Reflection: The Gospel of Happiness by Christopher Kaczor Can science and faith work together for the common good? Are the aims of psychology and theology similar in nature? Can psychology illuminate theology and theology support human flourishing as envisioned by psychology? Christopher Kaczor once saw faith and psychology as inhabiting two different and parallel [Read More...]

Within The Trauma, A Blessing: Reba Riley’s “Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome”


Biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann describes three interconnected moods in the Psalms – psalms of orientation, celebration of the goodness of life and our current blessed personal and social location; psalms of disorientation, lamentations when things fall apart and the future is dim; and new orientation, the joy of healing and recovery, in which things never [Read More...]

Too Much Sacrifice, Too Much Sin? Responding to Peter Mommsen’s ‘Homage to a Broken Man’


I read Peter Mommsen’s Homage to a Broken Man: A Story of Faith, Forgiveness, Sacrifice, and Community with mixed feelings. It surely is an excellent testimony to one man’s fidelity.  J. Heinrich Arnold (Heiner) lived his life fully before God, submitting to his understanding of following Jesus in Christian community. It is also a witness [Read More...]