A student

I know very, very little about almost anything.

My earthly dad would be proud of that sentence. I could hear him saying, at nearly 90, “Ahhhhh Da-wei [my Chinese name], now you really know something.”

Maybe my heavenly Dad would feel the same way. The truth is though, I’m not really sure. I don’t know him well enough to say.

Perhaps it is a sign of maturity, of sanctification, of bubbling wisdom to finally conclude how blatheringly ignorant I am about, well, everything.

The proximate cause of this realization is actually some of the thinking I’ve been doing about this blog. I’m at the start of my seminary journey. Though I’ve been a Christian for more than two decades and though I’ve done a bit of reading and learning along the way, I realize how very, very little I know. Thus, my observations and thoughts here are as a student, not a scholar.

I’m reminded of this famous bar scene from Good Will Hunting [warning: language alert]. I think I fundamentally believed that I was more like Will – the guy who actually did know it all. The older I get the more I realize that I’m much more like the pony tail guy who may be able to quote a few paragraphs here and there but who hasn’t yet learned very much.

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I hope by the time this journey is done God has made

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    I love this clip. It’s my favorite scene from GWH. You know, the characterizing flaw in Ponytail Guy is that he thinks he’s playing Will Hunting’s part. Or at least he wants everyone else to think so. If he only realized he was really just Ponytail Guy, I think he might instantly cease to be himself, and begin to become someone better.