Soccer, Candy Land style

His next soccer game is in a couple of hours. This morning he said he hated soccer – something that predates my assiness of last weekend. Part of it is that he doesn’t understand it. So this morning we had a tutorial, Candy Land style.

For those among you who have forgotten, Candy Land is a race up to a supremely delectable candy castle. It’s his favorite game. Kim and I objectively love it too. Whenever he suggests playing a game we’re both always like, “Hey buddy, let’s play Candy Land!” [I'm thinking of devising a game of strip Candy Land for when Kim and I are alone together. The possibilities are endless.]

I explained to him that soccer is like trying to get into the big castle. Except he gets to play on the board AND he gets to try and stop other people from getting into the castle.

He got a kick out of it (so to speak).

  • Tom Fiorella

    Great idea… really creative!

  • Jesse Fuchs

    Ironically, as I was reading your last post (which, as an agnostic single 37-year old game designer, I thought was absolutely fascinating and wonderful,) I was thinking to myself that the thing you yourself want to do is think of midget soccer as being sort of the pedagogical obverse of Candyland—a game without any choice or skill, but with winning and losing conditions. That game fools children into thinking that winning at it involves winning it, when it really involves being able to follow the rules from beginning to end and accepting losing with grace. Just like the strip version.