Part 2 of Movie Talk at GreenLake Presbyterian Church

Tonight I’ll present Part Two in my review of “Meaning in the Movies of 2004,” at GreenLake Presbyterian Church at 6 p.m.

It wasn’t supposed to be a two-part presentation, but you know me… rambling on and on, I didn’t even make it to the halfway point when my time ran out last time. So tonight, I’ll offer a much more efficient and time-sensitive presentation to wrap things up.

Visit the church Web site for directions and contact information.

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  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    I mean it when I say this: The greatest joy of this whole development is seeing the joy on the faces of my writing teachers, hearing my family celebrate across a phone line, and seeing how many of you are excited about this. For me, honestly, the real excitement comes when I sit down to write the stories. Yes, I’m grateful and happy, but for the most part, I’m in a state of bewilderment that these stories I so enjoy discovering continue to resonate with others. So I’m thriled to share this with all of you, but even more than that–I’m excited to know that storytelling will continue to play a big part in my future.

  • mike


    Congrats bro, that’s awesome!

    Mike Gunn; Harambee Church

  • Bryan Zug

    Congrats J — wonderful news!

  • kate

    FABULOUS! Can’t wait to read them.

  • trent

    That Rocks. You suck. I have such mixed emotions right now. It’s always good to see a struggling writer succeed, (esp one that I can at least lay claim to knowing when his book knocks the latest Harry Potter off the charts: “Yes, I knew him back when. Well, not exactly knew him, but I left comments on his blog”). It’s always dissapointing when, you know, it’s not me….

    But you give the rest of us hope. Congrats.

  • Josh Moore

    Way to go! Looking forward to exploring the world you’ve created…it’s so great to see you recognized for your talents and to see God’s hand at work…

  • mark

    Well done. I look forward to reading it and many more.

  • Neb


  • oriondark

    Well, its about time.

    Just make sure you use your new found fame to help your wife get her excellent poetry noticed.

    Also, remember to take of your family (including extended family) once you are riding the heights of literary fame.

  • opus

    That’s awesome! Congratulations!

  • sg

    J.R.R. is smilin’ with the rest of us!!

    I’ve loved your blog and look forward to your book.

  • Joel


  • Gary

    Very Cool Jeff! Perhaps YOU are the “Cinderella Man!” Blessings to you and Anne!!

  • Nicholas

    Happy (but honestly a little jealous) for you. Good luck!

  • Matt Page


    Great news mate – another one for the book shelf. Look forward to it coming out.


  • Dave Rattigan aka Alvy

    Bravo, Jeffrey! :)

  • Jason

    Way to go! I’ve been visiting your blog and enjoying your reviews for some time. I haven’t been this excited for somebody I’ve never met before. Go figure. I look forward to more good news for you.

  • Glenn

    Awesome and congratulations. =)

  • Mr. Christopher

    Yowsa! Am most pleased with this development God has placed before you. I have enjoyed your reviews and thoughtful commentary for some time and will be first in line to buy your book if this comes to fruition. I praise God for this opportunity for you!

  • Barbara

    Kudos, Jeffrey! How exciting! Praying for your project –

  • etpetra

    Congratulations! I am so very excited for you, and good luck tangling with the big pub houses. You’ll knock ’em dead!

  • Peter T Chattaway
  • Rob

    Wow, dude, stunning development. :-) Can’t wait to hear more.