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The Most Disappointing Movies of 2005

Since I'm struggling to find ten movies worth recommending in a Top Ten List, I realize now that I'm far more prepared to serve up a different kind of list...THE TOP TEN BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENTS OF 2005 No, not the ten worst movies... but the ten movies that SHOULD have been GREAT.1. THE BROTHERS GRIMM. Terry Gilliam's first bad movie. And yikes, is it awful! If he doesn't get back on the horse and show us he can still ride, Lost in La Mancha's going to look more and more like the … [Read more...]

The American Scene: Narnia commentary right-on

Another fine bit of honest analysis on the Narnia movie... … [Read more...]

Bob Dylan to host a weekly radio show on XM!

Wow. They should record these shows and sell them. … [Read more...]