Darren Hughes on film as "Spiritual Contemplation"

Darren Hughes is writing an essay on non-narrative filmmaking: "The Limits of Traditional Narrative Cinema as a Medium for Spiritual Contemplation" ... which he qualifies as "A Witless and Obnoxiously Literal Working Title." I can't wait to read it.Darren is one of those writers who always strikes me as being miles ahead on a journey I'm trying to make (as time allows). And yet he writes with grace, with a voice that invites readers along with him, instead of condescending to those who don't … [Read more...]

Frank Darabont on Horror Movies and His Rejected Indy Script

Two highlights of the new MTV interview with Frank "Shawshank Redemption" Darabont, who is directing Stephen King's The Mist: MTV: You obviously are a great lover of the horror genre. What do you think of films like "Hostel" and "Saw"?Darabont: The torture-porn thing is pretty distasteful. I'm just not into it. Horror unfortunately tends to go in these cycles where it puts itself back in this ghetto. I just don't find anything amusing about people getting tortured. I wish we weren't making … [Read more...]

Who’s steering Narnia’s “Dawn Treader”?

Looks like "amazing grace" has been granted to Narnia. … [Read more...]

"The Children of Hurin" – J.R.R. Tolkien’s "latest"

My friend and fellow Tolkien enthusiast Geoffrey DeWeese was surprised and upset when I expressed skepticism about the upcoming release of a "new" story by J.R.R. Tolkien.I confess, I was feeling really cynical about the whole affair. I've never found the immeasurable amount of extra Middle-Earth material to be compelling or even very interesting. Give me the enthralling narratives of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Give me more of his children's stories, like the Father Christmas … [Read more...]

"The Promise of Beauty" – another ode to Malick

I've just discovered a passionate, eloquent description of the greatness of Terrence Malick.If you're sick of my raves about The New World, you'll probably want to ignore this. But if you want to "get" what Malick's up to, here's another insightful perspective. … [Read more...]

Achtung, Spider-man! (I am not making this up.)

What in the world?Bono and The Edge... writing a Spider-man musical... for Julie Taymor.Right.Sure.Why didn't I see that coming? … [Read more...]

Ian McEwan’s “Atonement” – The Trailer

EmpireOnline has the trailer for Atonement, one of the films I'm most eager to see this coming Oscar season.It stars Mr. Tumnus, Elizabeth Swann, Vanessa Redgrave, and then, the #1 reason I'm going to see it... … [Read more...]

McCarthy’s “The Road” – Pulitzer Prize!

Cormac McCarthy's The Road has earned an even higher honor than the Oprah-book stamp. … [Read more...]

Norton the Hulk

A high-five to Peter Chattaway for catching the latest Edward Norton casting news.And... uh... wow. Not what I would have expected from a fellow quickly becoming one of America's most distinguished actors. Maybe he's hoping for a blockbuster so that he can fund a produciton of Mark Helprin's A Soldier of the Great War, a film he's reportedly been interested in for a while. That's one of my favorite novels. I'd be much more excited about that news than this. And I thought Eric Bana made a … [Read more...]

This Year’s Denise Levertov Award Goes To…

Here's an exciting announcement from the folks at Image.And what a great choice. I've had the privilege of meeting Mr. Lott and hearing him read last summer, and I was mightily impressed. … [Read more...]