Snow Day at Overstreet Headquarters

Anne wisely decided not to sit back and relax on several inches of snow.But I chose otherwise. … [Read more...]

Glen Workshop Alert!

Click on the ad* to see the large-sized version.Here comes the 2007 Glen Workshop!*This is the first time a photograph of mine has ever been used in an ad. And it was just a spur-of-the-moment snapshot out the window of Over the Rhine's car.... Thanks to Mary Kenagy for surprising me with the honor!) … [Read more...]

“Promises”: A Movie That’s More Powerful Now Than It Was When First Released

If you haven't seen Promises, find it and rent it. … [Read more...]

Film Critic Pet Peeves: “Stranger Than Fiction” Edition

From a Christian film review of Stranger Than Fiction: It is a shame that a film based around such a clever idea couldn’t have been slightly altered to make an otherwise interesting story more palatable for families. Hollywood continues to add in offensive elements that serve no real purpose to the plot in spite of proof that films that are family friendly will appeal to wider audiences. And that is truly stranger than fiction. Three thoughts in response to this conclusion:1. "It is a s … [Read more...]

Film Critic Pet Peeves: “The Fountain” Edition

Just ranting about another film criticism pet peeve...Don't you hate it when a critic makes a statement that says, "If you don't agree with me, well, you're just not enlightened like I am"...? … [Read more...]

Publishers Weekly on “Through a Screen Darkly”

It's not often I steal a line from Darth Vader, but here goes: "This will be a day long remembered." … [Read more...]

Dan Brown’s "Da Vinci Code" sequel earns Goldman highest screenplay paycheck ever

Nikke Finke at Deadline: Hollywood reports, I'm told that Akiva Goldsman, who adapted Dan Brown's worldwide bestseller into a $755.6 mil hit pic, is receiving $4 million for the Da Vinci Code sequel in the works by both Imagine Entertainment and Sony Pictures. Meanwhile, the Da Vinci Code pre-quel, Angels and Demons, is coming to the big screen.Finke says: In A&D, Goldsman must make sense of a plot crammed with Vatican intrigue and high-tech drama: it thrusts Langdon together with an … [Read more...]

Robert Altman, Remembered by Friends and Colleagues

A few words about Robert Altman from his friends and colleagues... … [Read more...]

Opus on “Ikiru”

I was going to just surrender blogging for the rest of the day, due to the loss of Altman, but then I discovered that Opus, one of my daily blog stops, has just published a review of Kurosawa's Ikiru, another one of my favorites, and a film that I've given a lot of attention in Through a Screen Darkly.Check out Opus's insightful overview of this classic. … [Read more...]

Rest in Peace, Robert Altman

This is a devastating day for anyone who loves great moviemaking. … [Read more...]