The “If Jesus Came Back…” Award-Winner: Stephen Baldwin!

Reading this article in Salon, I'm inspired to hand out the first "If Jesus Came Back" award.What's that about?It's the award given in honor of that famous line spoken by Max Von Sydow in Woody Allen's film Hannah and Her Sisters: "If Jesus came back and saw what was being done in his name, he'd never stop throwing up."The award goes to... yes... Stephen Baldwin!Here's a few choice excerpts: … [Read more...]

“Don’t Do Anything”: The New Sam Phillips Album, Coming in 2007

Not much to report here except that an amusing new branch of Sam Phillips' web site -- "Time Travels with Sam Phillips" -- now includes an interesting new photograph and caption that appears to reveal the title and release date of her next record.... … [Read more...]

“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.”

"Let them eat cake." That's a quote commonly attributed to Marie Antoinette, but a quick Google search will teach you that this isn't really the truth. We're not sure who said it. … [Read more...]

Specials: FoxFaith, Leibowitz, and Bono

NEWMAN ON FOXFAITH Marc T. Newman challenges Christian filmmakers to seize the day.A SCI-FI CLASSIC Thomas Hibbs at The National Review celebrates one of my favorite sci-fi novels: A Canticle for Leibowitz.SOAKING IN VERSES FROM MATTHEW Jesus supercharges one man's zeal to help the poor, and once again, he does this through the ministry of Bono. "Bono doesn't have a lot of respect for the church, but he has a lot of respect for Christ," Jewett said, adding later, "I want people to be … [Read more...]

Busy week: Aronofsky, editing, Auralia. And “Little Children.”

My blogging might be slight this week, due to a pile-up of tasks. … [Read more...]

Mark Shea considers the Mel Gibson debacle

Were we seeing "the real Mel Gibson" when he went on his drunken rampage? … [Read more...]

Terry Mattingly ponders "the birth of Contemporary Christian Cinema"

At GetReligion, Terry Mattingly is facing the Giants dilemma. … [Read more...]

Byrne Wowed by Sufjan

The great rock-and-roll pioneer David Byrne attended a Sufjan Stevens concert this month.What did he think? … [Read more...]

Little Children (2006)

Little Children4

This review was originally published at Christianity Today in October 2006.-Ever watch moths fluttering around bright lights at night and ask yourself, "Don't they know that they'll burn themselves up?"And yet, so many of us play out the same sad drama. Restless with longing, we respond to dangerous temptations and indulge misguided passions. And then we — and sometimes our families — pay for it.This metaphor comes to vivid life in Todd Field's riveting new film Little Children. W … [Read more...]

Tomorrow’s Film Forum May Catch Angry CT Movies Readers By Surprise.

Some Christianity Today Movies readers have sent in some very angry mail in response to Josh Hurst's review of Facing the Giants. They're saying things like (and I quote...) Shame, shame, shame on you for giving Facing the Giants a bad review! I've heard that Christianity Today is anti-Christian. Now, I believe it! Yep. "Anti-Christian." Christianity Today is "anti-Christian" because a guy wrote that there are some flaws in a movie made by Christians.Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think … [Read more...]