On My Way to Biola

My heart belongs to Seattle Pacific University,... but Biola University is stirring up a lot of passionate discussion about filmmaking. And they've invited me to come down and speak at their 2007 Biola Media Conference, so how can I refuse? … [Read more...]

David Poland on “The New World”

In a post about how to decide whether or not a movie is too long, David Poland brings up -- surprise, surprise -- The New World: There are very few directors who still get “final cut” from studios. And even fewer who deserve it. I love Terrence Malick’s work and I quite liked both versions of The New World that I saw and even look forward to someday seeing the 3 hour version that Malick told some people he would be delivering. But he killed New Line’s ability to market the film by changing it so … [Read more...]

Jeff Berryman on “Facing the Giants”

Actor, novelist, playwright, and director Jeff Berryman knows a lot about great art, great storytelling, and great drama. So when he goes to a movie, I want to know what he thinks.Looks like he finally sat down to watch Facing the Giants. … [Read more...]

The new book by Scott Cairns: "Short Trip to the Edge"

My favorite poet, Scott Cairns, has just released a thoughtful account of his pilgrimage to Mount Athos. … [Read more...]

Philip Yancey Recovering After a Roll-Over Car Accident

Some of you may already know this, but I learned a few days ago that Philip Yancey, an author whose work has had a great influence in my life and in the lives of countless Christians around the world, was injured in a roll-over car accident. … [Read more...]

Andy Whitman on Britney Spears, American Idol, and Calvin College

Once again, Andy Whitman is a shining a beacon through the cultural fog. … [Read more...]

Chapter One

An abridged version of Chapter One of Through a Screen Darkly is up at Christianity Today Movies. … [Read more...]

Matt Conner at Infuze Magazine

Infuze Magazine has already published a review and an excerpt of Through a Screen Darkly.Today, they've published an interview! … [Read more...]

More on Arcade Fire’s “Neon Bible”

Another arresting quote from the lead singer of Arcade Fire: “Central to the album," Win Butler says, "is this idea that Christianity and consumerism are completely compatible, which I think is the great insanity of our times.’”- Chicago Tribune, Section 7, p14, March 4, 2007 Thanks to Thom for catching that! … [Read more...]

FILM FORUM: Into Great Silence, Zodiac, Black Snake Moan, and Wild Hogs

Welcome to the first installment of Looking Closer's Film Forum! Yes, Film Forum has moved from Christianity Today Movies to Looking Closer, and things are going to change somewhat. It'll include links to a wider range of reviews, from the religious press to mainstream film criticism. It's not meant to be a comprehensive list of reviews, but rather just a journal of the reviews that caught my attention with some arresting observations or opinions. We have oh-so-many mainstream reviews that … [Read more...]