Oscar Thoughts … as the Show Goes On (Updated)

How do you start things off on a bad note? You take a gospel choir and have them parade around singing "Hallelujah" in honor of the nominees.Isn't that just about the epitome of the industry's self-congratulation? Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacky!Otherwise, I appreciated the low-key intro by Ellen DeGeneres.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------I wish The Prestige had taken Best Art Direction. The art direction in that film was complex, colorful, … [Read more...]

The Christianity Today Readers’ Poll

I've already linked to Christianity Today's "Most Redeeming Movies of 2006" list (a list of the most inspiring, redemptive big-screen stories of the year).And I've linked to their critics' "Cream of the Crop" list (a list of the films that CT critics found to be the most accomplished works of cinematic art).But there's another list I forgot to mention: the Readers' Poll!!A "critic of the critics" recently criticized CT Movies film reviewers for being "out of touch" with their … [Read more...]

Steven Greydanus on the First Must-See Movie of 2007

Steven D. Greydanus at Decent Films, one of my favorite film critics, has me scrambling to make plans to see a quiet movie that just might creep past moviegoers unnoticed. … [Read more...]

Ralph Winter on Upcoming Comic Book Films, “The Screwtape Letters”

Infuze Magazine's Robin Parrish just posted a new interview with Ralph Winter about the next Fantastic Four flick, The Screwtape Letters, and more.... And his report reveals what Ralph told me a few weeks back -- that he's hoping to have Randall Wallace (We Were Soldiers, Braveheart) write the Screwtape adaptation. Interesting choice. That would certainly be a different kind of challenge for Wallace. … [Read more...]

Still don’t get "The New World"? Check this out.

In Stylus Magazine, L. Michael Foote looks closer at two particular scenes, and he brilliantly explores the way that Terrence Malick is conveying truth through his own unique style. … [Read more...]

Happy Catholic Quotes Something Familiar

Happy Catholic is reading Through a Screen Darkly! … [Read more...]

“A Christian Voice” in “Children of Men”?

From a comment posted in a previous post, by Mike Harris Stone: Well I saw Children of Men last night. A fantastic piece of cinema which does, IMHO, go beyond even the filmmaker's intentions in what it says, much as Wings of Desire did. Interestingly, the original music in the film is by British Composer John Taverner, an Orthodox Christian, so in that one aspect there is a Christian voice in the movie. I agree with your critique of it, Jeffrey. And by the way, the backlash against the CT … [Read more...]

Peter Chattaway on “Bridge to Terabithia”

Peter T. Chattaway, who recently reviewed The Last Sin Eater, has just reviewed a film by Christian author Katherine Paterson, the latest literary adaptation by Walden Media.He gives it three stars, and shares his perspective, which comes with the added advantage of his thorough familiarity with the novel. … [Read more...]

“The Last Sin Eater” and CT Movies, Round Two: Film Forum

Many, many thanks to Peter T. Chattaway for doing a great job covering Film Forum while I spent several days revising Auralia's Colors.(Four days straight, from 8am to 10:30pm working on my laptop, finding better words for things. Whew. And it ain't over yet.)Anyway, I'm back, and my latest Film Forum is up at Christianity Today Movies. Somewhere along the line this month I'm pretty sure I'm hitting my sixth anniversary at the column. And what a long, strange trip it's been. So many … [Read more...]

CT’s Top Ten Lists: A Sign of the Coming Apocalypse?

If you're reading Through a Screen Darkly, you've probably come across some of my "war stories" about the outrageous letters and emails I've received over the years as a Christian film reviewer.I wish I could say things are getting easier. They're not. … [Read more...]