Film Forum: The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Premonition, I Think I Love My Wife

Great Odin's raven! It's... Looking Closer's Film Forum!The Wind That Shakes the Barley When the envelopes are torn open and the winners are breathlessly announced on Oscar night, most American moviegoers have already had plenty of opportunities to see the nominated features. But when the Cannes Film Festival crowns the winner of the Palme d’Or each year, only the fortunate festival attendees get to feel the excitement. It often takes months for the rest of the world, America included, t … [Read more...]

Lesson in Learning to Let Things Go #32 – The Faith and Film Critics Circle

On March 6, I stepped down from my role as the chairman of the Faith and Film Critics Circle.It was not a difficult decision: With all of the increasing demands on my time from the Through a Screen Darkly and Auralia's Colors projects, it became obvious to me that I didn't have the time or resources to be an effective leader for that particular endeavor anymore. I probably should have stepped down six months ago.As I look back at the annual list of films we've celebrated, I'm still … [Read more...]

Film Forum: 300, The Ultimate Gift, The Namesake, Beyond the Gates, The Host

Oh, no. It's... Looking Closer's Film Forum! The soundtrack for this week's Film Forum is provided by The Arcade Fire's new abum Neon Bible. How do you get the soundtrack to play while you read the column? Easy. Buy Neon Bible from iTunes and start playing it. The column will be much more exciting to read if you do. Trust me. DO MOVIE CRITICS MATTER? Do movie critics matter? Absolutely not, says Brian Robbins, director of the hit comedy Norbit. Standing on top of the mountains of cash that … [Read more...]

“Personally Speaking” with Jim Lisante, Karen Peris, and… Me?!

As a huge fan of The Innocence Mission, I must say I am freaking out a little bit.A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Monsignor Jim Lisante for a program called "Personally Speaking." … [Read more...]

The Dove Foundation’s Phone Spam

Good grief.The Dove Foundation, with its symbol representing the peace of God, is spreading that peace by sending sinister phone spam to your home phone.... … [Read more...]

On My Way to Biola

My heart belongs to Seattle Pacific University,... but Biola University is stirring up a lot of passionate discussion about filmmaking. And they've invited me to come down and speak at their 2007 Biola Media Conference, so how can I refuse? … [Read more...]

David Poland on “The New World”

In a post about how to decide whether or not a movie is too long, David Poland brings up -- surprise, surprise -- The New World: There are very few directors who still get “final cut” from studios. And even fewer who deserve it. I love Terrence Malick’s work and I quite liked both versions of The New World that I saw and even look forward to someday seeing the 3 hour version that Malick told some people he would be delivering. But he killed New Line’s ability to market the film by changing it so … [Read more...]

Jeff Berryman on “Facing the Giants”

Actor, novelist, playwright, and director Jeff Berryman knows a lot about great art, great storytelling, and great drama. So when he goes to a movie, I want to know what he thinks.Looks like he finally sat down to watch Facing the Giants. … [Read more...]

The new book by Scott Cairns: "Short Trip to the Edge"

My favorite poet, Scott Cairns, has just released a thoughtful account of his pilgrimage to Mount Athos. … [Read more...]

Philip Yancey Recovering After a Roll-Over Car Accident

Some of you may already know this, but I learned a few days ago that Philip Yancey, an author whose work has had a great influence in my life and in the lives of countless Christians around the world, was injured in a roll-over car accident. … [Read more...]