Today’s Shuffle: What do these songs mean to you?

Well, now that I've transferred my entire rock/pop/folk/country library to my iPod, I'm enjoying the circus show better-known as "Shuffle Songs."The machine tends to deliver a rather bumpy road of randomly selected tracks from the 6,600 songs I've loaded up. … [Read more...]

Have you heard? Sufjan Stevens has a new release.

Someone asked me why I hadn't blogged yet about the new Sufjan Stevens release, and my answer is, um, well, I've been too busy listening to it.In fact, Sufjan doesn't just have one new volume of material... no, he has FIVE new volumes of material. And they're all Christmas albums.They're new, that is, to those who haven't been tuning in through his fan club over the last few years. I've been listening to the first three volumes for a while now. But at last, they're packaged up with some … [Read more...]

The Secret Location of the Big Release Party…

Anybody recognize this place?This is where the big book release party for Through a Screen Darkly will be held. … [Read more...]

Darren Aronofsky Goes Through a Screen Darkly

What does Darren Aronofsky, director of Pi, Requiem for a Dream, and The Fountain think of Through a Screen Darkly?After reading the first several chapters, he says: … [Read more...]

More on U2′s New Material

Josh Hurst just discovered more on the current activities of U2 at, well, atU2.The other new song is "Windows in the Skies." With soaring strings and a haunting piano melody, the tune is remarkably different to the stadium rock sound of their recent smash hit album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. It is huge but in a very different way and for a very different reason; Bono is learning to play piano. "I think that's going to be our biggest song in a long time. It's a psychedelic pop song … [Read more...]

Rest in peace, Adrienne Shelly.

Adrienne Shelly, star of one of my favorite comedies, The Unbelievable Truth, has been found dead in her office. … [Read more...]

“Have you people lost your minds and perhaps your souls?”

The latest letters to Christianity Today Movies continue to demonstrate the great divide... No Heads in the Sand posted 11/02/06 I am a pastor of a large church in Denver and appreciate your approach on reviewing films. I am proud of you for reviewing R-rated movies and coming to the conclusions you come to. Because of you, I am going to see Little Children because I want to live in the real world. I regret that some Christians have adopted the attitude where we are afraid or unwilling to see … [Read more...] Spirited imagery

My longtime friend Fritz Liedtke has been blogging in recent months, offering images and slideshows from his rather impressive adventures as a photographer.He photographs a lot of weddings and portraits, and yet these spirited images show that it's not just work for him. He finds a lot of beauty in candid moments along the way. (You can look up his main Web page here.)And then, outside of his wedding work, he does some brave exploratory photography. In recent years, he has ventured into … [Read more...]

U2 in 3-D!!!

U2 is coming to a THEATER near you next year... in 3-D. … [Read more...]

Babel (2006)

This review was originally published at Christianity Today in October 2006.-It's bullet time at the movies. Martin Scorsese's cops and crooks are clashing are unleashing storms of bullets, and Clint Eastwood's Marines are firing more shots than anyone could hope to count. But in Alejandro González Iñárritu's new film Babel, a single gunshot causes an international crisis. It's a shot heard around the world, and one you won't forget anytime soon.Who is to blame for that shattering blas … [Read more...]