Update: Mel Gibson offers a specific apology to Jews for his comments

BBC News has posted Gibson's full, admirable public apology for his remarks. … [Read more...]

Mel Gibson arrested for drunk driving

Here's the L.A. Times report on Mel Gibson's arrest. I'm hearing that there are some ugly details to this story that are currently unconfirmed... We'll wait and see, and hope they aren't true. … [Read more...]

Colbert strikes again… this time at the morning news shows.

Don't mess with Stephen Colbert.He's a Sunday school teacher.He's a Catholic.He's a Lord of the Rings expert.And now, thanks to Good Morning America and The Today Show... he's controversial! … [Read more...]

Somebody Lose a Book of Psalms?

Did anybody lose a book of psalms? … [Read more...]

The Vader Sessions

This YouTube video is spreading like a wildfire, so you've probably already seen it. (I discovered it through Peter Chattaway's blog.)If not, here it is: the funniest YouTube link in, oh, at least a few weeks. … [Read more...]

What Do Paul Bettany and Nicole Kidman Have Against Christianity?

According to Cinematical, Nicole Kidman and Paul Bettany have joined the cast of Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass as the "villainous" Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel.If this report is just a rumor, I'm doubtful. If it's true, I'm baffled. I hope it's a rumor. … [Read more...]

A Movie for All Who Love or Make Music

Wow.[Jeffrey scrambles to re-examine the "best of the year" list for last year]Go rent Touch the Sound tonight.Or bump it to the top of your Netflix queue.And if you don't have a surround-sound system, starting making plans with a friend who does. … [Read more...]

Erlewine asks: Is Sufjan Stevens Vastly Overrated?

Even as one AMG reviewer praises Sufjan Stevens' The Avalanche, another -- Stephen Thomas Erlewine, one of AMG's most prolific reviewers -- has posted a strikingly different assessment of Stevens' work. … [Read more...]

Philip Yancey on the differences, and similarities, of Christian and Islamic cultures

"The Lure of Theocracy," a new column by Philip Yancey at Christianity Today. … [Read more...]

More and more Pirates raves…

Judging from the reviews coming in for Pirates 2, about 60-70% of critics probably wouldn't have liked The Empire Strikes Back if it came out today. They would have called it too long, a re-make of the first film, etc. … [Read more...]