Looking Closer at Seattle Restaurants

Someone at Arts and Faith challenged the readers there to post their favorite hometown restaurants. And since this blog is all about the best of the arts, why not include the culinary arts?Here's what I quickly posted in response. If you're visiting Seattle, take note: The Santa Fe Cafe Modeled after Santa Fe's famous "The Shed," it's the best New Mexico cuisine in Seattle. Try the Blue Mesa plate "Christmas style," with a house margarita, and bread pudding baked with whiskey hard sauce, … [Read more...]

Picking Up Where "The Passion" Left Off

Thanks to Peter T. Chattaway for catching this breaking news: … [Read more...]

CT’s Mark Moring has been behind the scenes of "The Nativity Story"

Mark Moring, captain of Christianity Today Movies, traveled to Bethlehem for several days to interview Catherine Hardwicke, Keisha Castle-Hughes, screenwriter Mike Rich, and a five-foot-long black snake. He learned a lot about the upcoming Christmas movie The Nativity Story. … [Read more...]

"Serenity" is Flying Back Into Theaters

Thanks to Josh Hurst for noting the return of Mal, River, Wash, and Zoe... … [Read more...]

So, how many DaVinci watchers have you "dialogued" with?

So, we're now a few weeks into The DaVinci Code's theatrical run.Sony lured many Christians into promoting the film, buying tickets, going with their congregations to the movie, and even buying the book.All of this occurred so that Christians could be armed and ready to join a huge "cultural dialogue" because of the great opportunities for evangelism here.When I suggested we were being duped, I was sternly reprimanded. This, I was told, is what Christians are supposed to do. This is … [Read more...]

While U2 prepares to record, Bono is taking piano lessons.

JAM! Showbiz reports that U2 is preparing to go back into the studio this summer.Wondering what might be different? … [Read more...]

Mia Farrow on "The Omen" and her Catholicism

Mia Farrow is back, talking about her new spooky movie, her past, her children, and her faith. … [Read more...]

Sufan Stevens talks (or doesn’t) to Busted Halo about his faith

Thanks to Heather for pointing out this link.Sufjan Stevens: I think it’s an inherent problem in any kind of public discourse. When you have celebrities talking about their failed marriages or their infidelities or their drug problems, it’s just something that’s not the public’s business. I don’t want to know about Christina…er…whatever…I don’t even know any of these names. I don’t want to know about Britney Spears’ baby. It’s personal. It’s none of my business. It’s her family. It’s her pri … [Read more...]

Paste’s Robert Davis on “The New World”

This review of The New World made me applaud.It's just so terribly exciting when somebody gets what is so brilliant about this film. And Davis hits the nail on the head when he describes Malick's bold choices.I've read long, rambling reviews trying to find words for why the film works. And I've written a few of those reviews.Davis clearly and efficiently captures what's so great about this story.Thank you, Robert Davis, wherever you are. … [Read more...]

“Highly Questionable Content”: The Sarah Stillion Story

If you care about kids and what they're learning in school,and if you care about great art,then let me warn you,when you read what my friend Martin posted on his blog about something that happened to his wife Sarah, well, you might just lose all restraint and start spouting inappropriate language at the computer. … [Read more...]