“Highly Questionable Content”: The Sarah Stillion Story

If you care about kids and what they're learning in school,and if you care about great art,then let me warn you,when you read what my friend Martin posted on his blog about something that happened to his wife Sarah, well, you might just lose all restraint and start spouting inappropriate language at the computer. … [Read more...]

Special screening of "Expiration Date" in Seattle!

Here's an opportunity Seattle film buffs shouldn't miss: Union Church presents this chance to see Rick Stevenson's wonderful new film "Expiration Date" before it hits theatres nationally this summer.A highly original romantic fable laced with black comedy (rated PG), Expiration Date has won numerous awards at film festivals (including the Spiritual Cinema Festival-at-Sea) and just screened to acclaim at the Seattle International Film Festival. It is one of those rare films that make you … [Read more...]

Grammatical Error on New “Apocalypto” Poster

The new Apocalypto poster boasts this slogan: No one can outrun their destiny.To which Steven Greydanus responds, Shouldn't that be "No one can outrun HIS destiny"?Other grammatical alternatives: "No one can outrun destiny." "You can't outrun your destiny." "People can't outrun their destiny." "Outrunning destiny? Fuggetabbatit." … [Read more...]

Specials: “Apocalypto” Poster. “Pan’s Labyrinth” rave, and more.

With all of the hubbub over a certain controversial film in recent months, I'd almost forgotten about this...Nice poster. Dumb slogan.NO PANS FOR PAN Salon's Andrew O'Heihr returns from Cannes and raves and raves about Guillermo Del Toro's new fantasy film Pan's Labyrinth. "Hands down the most exciting and original film I've seen here, and the one that had me in tears during its final scenes." He also liked A Scanner Darkly. On one hand, "Scanner Darkly" is a paranoid futuristic … [Read more...]

Specials: New Yorke in June? Irons and Malkovich. The future of X-men.

I'D LIKE NEW YORKE IN JUNE (but it's coming to stores in July)  The new Thom Yorke solo album The Eraser is coming, and today I heard a few tracks from it. I enjoyed them. They sounded like songs from Amnesiac, with fewer guitars. The twitchy electronic loops and beats are there, and familiar power-chords, along with Yorke's typically spooky vocals and lyrics. But I can't say it struck me as anything more than half-decent Radiohead b-sides. Maybe if I hear the whole album, it'll make more sense … [Read more...]

X-Men 3: First-impressions

I gave in to the temptation tonight, took a break from writing, and decided to rest my weary head with two hours of good big screen adventure... X-Men the Last Stand.Instead, I sat there and watched Ratner and Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn spoil the efforts of so many talented individuals, effectively spoiling the best adventure franchise running. I should have gone to M:I3 or Over the Hedge instead.The film basically serves as a giant compliment to director Brian Singer's abilities, by … [Read more...]

Worried about Wolverine: Is X3 any good?

I won't have time to return to moviegoing for another week or two, due to deadlines, but I'm sure looking forward to getting back into a theater.But alas, it sounds like the summer blockbusters are a disappointing lot. I'd been looking forward to X-Men: The Last Stand, but I feared it would end up being a case of effects over story, action over character development. According to these reviews, it sounds like my fears have been realized.Of course, I should be going to the amazing lineup … [Read more...]


My friend Evi Sztajno, a student at SPU who has begun writing for the student newspaper, just published an interview with Al Gore concerning his documentary An Inconvenient Truth.Congratulations, Evi! Nice work! … [Read more...]

Paste-ing T Bone Burnett

T Bone Burnett talks to Paste Magazine's Steve Turner. … [Read more...]

What a guy.

The Independent has fine profile on Bono. There was another element to Bono's success in the Bush White House. Since they were teenagers he and Edge and Larry, U2's drummer, have been committed Christians, though they long ago abandoned membership of the hothouse Shalom church to which they belonged in the early days. "He doesn't lay it on you or try to convert you," says Geldof, "but it's at the core of his activism. On rare occasions he talks unashamedly and openly about it. It's what gets … [Read more...]