Nick wins Half-Shot# 4 Contest.

And the answer is...BADLANDS.Congratulations, Nick Alexander, who was the first to identify the source of these two Half-Shots!As reward, Nick Alexander has become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.Just see for yourself!Watch for Half-shot Contest #5, coming soon! … [Read more...]

Network TV struggles to understand: What will Christians watch?

You already know that The Book of Daniel has been euthanized (one instance in which I approve of a mercy killing).But you gotta read this Slate article about the challenge of making meaningful television, and the mysterious science of learning what Christians will watch. Some of the stuff there will probably be old news to you, but it's worth it for the last part, where things get really interesting.(Thanks, Russ, for the link.) … [Read more...]

Specials: Auralia. Superman and Che pics. Whit Stillman. A follow-up to "Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner." Michel Gondry + Dave Chappelle.

Thursday specials:PRAY FOR AURALIA AND ME I'd appreciate your prayers. It's not a crisis, but in the story of my life, it's a big deal. For the next four days, I will be putting the finishing touches on my novel Auralia's Colors and sending it in to the publisher. By "finishing touches," I mean I'll be making the last changes before the editors mark it up and send me things that they think need changing. So there's still a long way to go. But this is quite a landmark for me, and suddenly I … [Read more...]

Wednesday specials: The Natvity! Chris Penn. Matthewes-Green on "Paradise Now." Da Vinci Decoded. Pixar. Amber Alert. X3 posers.

Wednesday's specials:REMEMBER WHEN I ASKED WHO WILL MAKE A MOVIE OF THE NATIVITY? This just popped up at Done Deal, the script sales site: Title: Nativity Log line: Centers on the two-year period of Mary and Joseph's life, culminating in their leaving Nazareth and journeying 100 miles to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. Key characters and events such as King Herod, John the Baptist's parents (Zachariah and Elizabeth), the shepherds who were witness to Jesus' birth; and the arrival of the … [Read more...]

Letter of the Day: Response to “Brokeback Mountain” Review

Today I received this letter in response to my Brokeback Mountain review. Its typical of other responses I've received, but this one was such a convenient distillation of the various contradictions and claims that I was grateful for the chance to address so many common attacks on Christian faith in one fell swoop.When someone starts out by telling you to put down your Christian persepctive and see things the way they are, well, you know you're in for a grand time. I'm not the most eloquent … [Read more...]

"The Book of Daniel" is closed, done, kaput.

Read the outpouring of grief over the cancellation of The Book of Daniel.Apparently, it was Evangelical Right-Wing Extremist Censorship that shut down the show. … [Read more...]

Specials: Beware Knightley! Moring interviews Emma Thompson. Evangelical NY Times Writer: Oxymoron? Shea on Spear.

WHAT I'M SEEING TODAY Tsotsi. Anybody else here seen it?IS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY'S SMILE DANGEROUS? Can you look away from that smile? It has a strange and dismaying power. I mean, look at her! There's something almost violent about that smile. She's she's brandishing a weapon with complete confidence that no one can withstand its power... Slap some green makeup on her, and you've got the sequel to 28 Days Later.[Graham Chapman voice] RUN AWAY!!![/Graham Chapman voice]I await Pirates of … [Read more...]

At last, Steven D. Greydanus posts his Best of 2005.

Here are the best films of 2005, according to Decent Films, along with some commentary about significant developments of the year. … [Read more...]

Specials: Sundance review. Walter’s "New World" rave. "Lost" money. DaVinci debut. X3 pic. New mom Jessica Poundstone. And Seahawks.

Monday specials:SUNDANCE ME TO THE END OF MEDIOCRE FILMS GreenCine coverage of the Sundance Film Festival is almost too expansive to comprehend. So many movies, so many reviews. From a review of Thank You for Smoking that calls it "I Heart Huckabees For Dummies," to a review of the intriguingly titled A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, to a review of Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man ... they're all over it.NEW WORLD'S NEW RAVE Adam Walter joins me and the rest who were swept away by … [Read more...]

Spielberg Attacks "Extremist" Munich Critics

Spielberg defends his movie... "Munich" was blasted by some US Jewish commentators who accused Spielberg of equating the Israeli assassins with the Palestinian militants.Spielberg dismissed the charges as "nonsense"."These critics are acting as if we were all missing a moral compass. Of course it is a horrible, abominable crime when people are taken hostage and killed like in Munich," he said."But it does not excuse the act when you ask what the motives of the perpetrators were and … [Read more...]