Surprisingly Satisfying “Inside Man”

Spring has just begun, and I already have a strong list of 2006 favorite films.Spike Lee's Inside Man just joined the list.It's a satisfying, intense, and surprisingly laugh-out-loud-funny thriller.Denzel Washington does his thing, and does it well.Jodie Foster is frighteningly intense.Christopher Plummer continues to prove that this chapter of his career is the best chapter of his career.Chiwetel Ejiofor (the ultra-cool villain in Serenity, the hero in Dirty Pretty … [Read more...]

New column: Condemnation by Conny!

Welcome to the debut of Condemnation by Conny!This week: … [Read more...]


Roger Ebert has assembled his 2006 Overlooked Film Festival, which will run April 26-30 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.On the list... two films that I would have put at the top of my own 2006 overlooked films list:Junebug (which, after I saw it a second time, jumped up to second place on my Best of 2005 list),and Millions (which still holds first place).Ebert says: Amy Adams, an Academy Award nominee this year for "Junebug," has said she'll appear after the … [Read more...]

One thing Wim Wenders said…

My interview with Wim Wenders will be up at Christianity Today Movies in a few days, but I will tell you this now: He praises Terrence Malick's The New World as perhaps the most powerful big screen experience he's enjoyed since 2001: A Space Odyssey.What's that? It just left the theaters in your neighborhood? You missed it? That's okay. Most of America did. … [Read more...]

Mel Gibson: TIME Magazine gets up close to the director of "Apocalypto"

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Mel, as unpredictable and challenging as usual.This is the larger TIME article, from which that colorful excerpt in a previous post was apparently an early excerpt. … [Read more...]

Specials: New Ron Sexsmith music! Greydanus flunks V. Walter on Soderbergh.

NEW RON SEXSMITH MUSIC! My friend Jessica Poundstone, a vigilant Ron Sexsmith fan, send me this today: Well, you're probably all over this, just haven't gotten around to posting it on your blog yet (where the heck DO you find the time to write so voluminously there??? It's staggering - I don't make it over for a week or two and I have to take 45 minutes to catch up!) but there's a sneak peak of a new song off of the new Ron "Sexy" Sexsmith album up at his site: Also, apparently, according to … [Read more...]

Chattaway’s Back (and Under Attack!)

Chattaway's back to regular blogging, now that his wife Deanna and the twins are home from the hospital. (Congratulations again, Chattaway family!) Well, in truth, Peter never really stopped blogging, but he's got so much interesting stuff this week, I won't get specific. I'll just send you over there.Oh, and I should also note another stamp of approval for Chattaway's work. He's must be doing some good work, if he's provoked Ted Baehr to say THIS about him: It's shocking to find out that … [Read more...]

An Intelligently Designed Movie?

That Pennsylvania school board court decision against the teaching of Intelligent Design is going to be a movie.Cinematical reports: According to Variety, [Paramount] just hired Ronald Harwood to write a screenplay based on last year's court decision ruling that a Pennsylvania school board didn't have the right to force teachers to teach intelligent design. (Interestingly, the film's producer was thinking "movie" from the very start, so much so that she actually sent someone to watch and … [Read more...]

Alan Moore on “V for Vendetta”

Thanks to Opus for sharing this link.In this interview with Alan Moore, who wrote the original graphic novel of V for Vendetta, is absolutely right.The Wachowskis' film misunderstands the story, and distorts it to be about American liberalism versus American conservatism, instead of about anarchists versus fascists.Sure, it's takes place in a futuristic, fascistic London and the characters are British. And yes, you could say this is a cartoonish tale about Nazism.But come on... … [Read more...]

V for Very Disappointing

I won't publish my review of V for Vendetta until opening day. But I will say that I managed to make it until the closing credits without walking way in boredom and disgust... but just barely.I will, however, link to one of those pages where the reviewer (David Denby of The New Yorker) is apparently somehow exempt from the industry standards. And I find myself agreeing with him. ...even if one enjoys the craft of “Vendetta,” and, viewing it as an extravagant pop myth, cuts it as much slack a … [Read more...]