Half-Shot #6 winner – Danny Walter!

Danny Walter is, again, the winner of the Half-Shot contest, correctly identifying this shot as being from Mad Dog and Glory.And yes, Robert DeNiro is playing a man named Wayne.So, to continue with this trend, the next half-shot will have something to do with the name DANNY. (But Danny will be disqualified.) … [Read more...]

If Christians want to make significant contributions to filmmaking…

William Romanowski, author of Eyes Wide Open, showed up in the pages of today's USA Today, addressing the potential for Christians to encourage productive dialogue through the medium of film. Only when evangelicals agree to look at Hollywood not just as an evangelistic tool, or a harmless entertainment provider, but also as an important participant in cultural discourse will they understand that as a major share of the movie market, they are in a position to shape that vital discussion. I … [Read more...]

Half-Shot Contest #6: Your hint… "Wayne"

Since Wayne Proctor won the last Half-Shot Contest, correctly identifying a frame from The Unbearable Lightness of Being, the name "Wayne" is your hint for this frame.What film is this moment from?The winner gets to choose the film for the next contest. … [Read more...]

Specials: Rosenbaum on "Three Burials." Walter on "Crash." And the sequel we’ve all been waiting for.

Monday specials:"A QUIRKY COWBOY MASTERPIECE" Jonathan Rosenbaum raves about Tommy Lee Jones' directorial debut: The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. There are elements in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada that I tend to distrust when they crop up in other movies. There's the theme of redemption, which can all too easily lead to a Hollywood cop-out, even (or maybe especially) when it's tied to some notion of religious transcendence. There's the taken-for-granted dysfunctional … [Read more...]

GreenCine: More on how much "The New World" rules, and a curious Wong Kar-Wai bit

Lots of great stuff up at GreenCine, including: So The New World won't be a hit. That's to be expected. "More disheartening is to see a certain cache of movie writers come swarming out to greet Malick's latest as an exercise in how arch and unimpressed they can act in the face of a work that — whatever one's opinion of its qualities — shouldn't be denied its singularity," writes Nick Pinkerton in Stop Smiling. "An American history written in intimate, undistilled emotion; an attentive, tonally p … [Read more...]

Seattle Won the Super Bowl

What happens if the referees make the right call, and see that Pittsburgh's quarterback did NOT break the touchdown line with the ball? You take away a Pittsburgh touchdown. The replays made it clear: He came as close as you can get, but he was stopped at the line — the ball never crossed it.What happens if, as the announcers agreed, you give Seattle that touchdown reception, in which there was only the typical jostling for position and not offensive-pass-interference? You give Seattle a tou … [Read more...]

Congratulations, Peter and Deanna Chattaway! The twins have arrived!

After three months of bed rest, Deanna Chattaway has given birth, and she and Peter are celebrating the arrival of Elizabeth Joy and Thomas Lawrence. Click here (Peter's FilmChat blog, of course) for photos and Peter's awestruck account. … [Read more...]

The one that got away… "Junebug"

Every year, there's at least one movie that I don't see in time for the voting, a movie that I hear mixed things about, and then when I finally catch up to it, I fall in love.Junebug is that film for 2005. Looking at my current list, I'm going to find it a place in the Top 10... probably the Top 5. I loved it.I'll be writing about it soon, praising it and urging everyone to rent it and check it out. (It's rated R for some harsh language and fleeting scenes of sexuality.)It's all done … [Read more...]

More specials: "Rabbi Paul" – the movie! Focus on the Family and "Spear" in NY Times. More Pullman poop. Peet joins Perry and Sorkin.

RABBI PAUL - THE MOVIE This just popped up at DoneDeal. Title: Rabbi PaulLog line: The life story of Saul of Tarsus who, due to divine intervention, turns his life around and becomes the founder of Christianity and the Apostle Paul.Writer: Bruce Chilton (author)Agent: n/aBuyer: Mandalay and Prelude PicturesPrice: n/aGenre: Bio-DramaLogged: 2/2/06More: Biography. Alan Riche, Peter Riche, Mandalay Integrated Media Entertainment’s Christian Tureaud, and Prelude’s Ma … [Read more...]

WATCH and LISTEN as Bono addresses the President and the National Prayer Breakfast.

Here's the video.It's worth the 20 minutes. … [Read more...]