2006 Faith and Film Critics Circle Nominations

Bookmark this blog entry!The Faith and Film Critics Circle (FFCC) - more than a dozen Christian film critics taking films seriously as works of art - are already busy suggesting and considering films for next year's FFCC Awards. The cool thing about the FFCC awards ... YOU are welcome to suggest films for their consideration in these categories as well.Post your entry in the COMMENTS below, and I will add your selections to the Master List. But you must enter them in this simple … [Read more...]

The Da Vinci Challenge, the NY Times coverage, and Wellborn’s perspective

[UPDATE: The Da Vinci Challenge site is suddenly out of service. Is it a glitch? Or was it shut down for some reason?]The New York Times has already noticed a new Web site, just launched today, created by Sony Pictures and Grace Hill Media called The Da Vinci Challenge, where Christian writers will bring all kinds of extra attention to the movie of The Da Vinci Code by discrediting it right and left.Amy Wellborn raises interesting questions about the whole endeavor here.Me, I hope I … [Read more...]

Half-Shot Contest #8: Your hint might be "Nick" or "Alexander"

What film is this half-shot from?Since Nick Alexander won our last contest, you'll find a hint in either his first or his last name... but not both.(And Nick, as the most recent winner, you're disqualified from this round. Isn't winning a drag?) … [Read more...]

2005 Faith and Film Critics Circle Awards!

The Faith and Film Critics Circle have chosen the winners of their 2005 film awards! … [Read more...]

Half-Shot Contest #6 – winner!!

Congratulations, Nick Alexander! Pearl Harbor is, indeed, the film, in which Josh Hartnett plays Danny.This means, of course, that either "Nick" or "Alexander" will be your hint for the next Half-Shot. Stay tuned.... … [Read more...]

Even the Steelers’ quarterback doesn’t think that was a touchdown.

For all you Steelers fans who have emailed me to insist that your quarterback did score that touchdown, guess who agrees with me?Your quarterback.I stand by my statement. The Seahawks lost because the refs decided they would lose, not because the Steelers won.Elsewhere:Miami Herald: But make no mistake about Super Bowl XL, the performance of referee Bill Leavy and his crew overshadowed Pittsburgh's heroics and Seattle's blunders.The Seahawks justifiably can complain that … [Read more...]

More specials: Ten mistakes. Frodo onstage. Pixar rats out. Paste. Porn. Lips. And James Cameron.

More Tuesday specials:MUST READ At Town Hall, Erik Lokkesmoe powerfully sums up ten... count them, ten... big mistakes that conservatives tend to make when they meddle (or fail to meddle) in the arts.(Thanks for the link, Bubba.)YES, BUT DOES BILL THE PONY GET TO SING A SOLO? At last, The Lord of the Rings - The Musical opens to raves! Okay, so maybe it's not exactly a musical... "... the world needs to know what the concept is. It's not a musical. It's not a Stratford … [Read more...]

Half-shot #7 Contest

Since Danny Walter correctly identified the Mad Dog and Glory shot, your hint for this contest is "Danny."Which film is this from?Danny Walter, you've won twice! You may not compete this time! Your power is too great! … [Read more...]

Specials: Boycotts! Batman! Bono!

Tuesday specials:DON'T GO READ THIS! (Now you're curious, aren't you?) Sean Gaffney boycotts boycotting! Because, as they said in Field of Dreams, "If you protest, they will come." He also congratulates Cory Edwards, and so do I, for its continuing top ten success at the box office. Bring on Hoodwinked 2: Hoodwinked Harder!GEEK ALERT: CINEMATICAL'S GOT BATMAN CASTING RUMORS Who would YOU cast as Joker? As Harvey Dent? Here are some interesting ideas...U-WHO? CBN notices this … [Read more...]

"The White Rose" … or, How to Prepare for the "Sophie Scholl" Release

I just received this from a reader: Jeff. I've been reading your blog for quite a while now. Thanks for all the great posts. I was a pastor in Seattle for 12 years, now I'm in Canada. I'm also a good friend of Adam Walter (I love it when you link to Adam's blog.) I just finished reading a book, The White Rose, by Inge Scholl. Inge is Sophie's sister. It's a good companion to this movie. I think you would be interested.Okay, thanks! Here's a link to the Amazon page for the book. … [Read more...]