Half-Shot Contest #5: An easy one.

What film is this half-shot from?Okay... the new prize idea is this: Get it right, and the next Half-Shot contest will be in some way related to your name.I predict we'll have a winner TODAY... probably in the next three hours.Post your guess in the comments. … [Read more...]

Coen Brothers news!! Is your "Lost" theory better than this one? Lark News!

Thursday specials:COEN BROTHERS RETURN!! The next Coen Brothers film? Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Javier Bardem.YOU SEE, IT'S REALLY QUITE SIMPLE... Thanks, Opus, for the link to the most intriguing "Lost" theory I've seen...BACKMASKING IS BACK! Need a laugh? The new issue of Lark News is up. … [Read more...]

Washington Post’s Stephen Hunter & Peter Chattaway on "Brokeback Mountain." (Well, no, they’re not really ON Brokeback Mountain.)

Two worthwhile perspectives on Brokeback Mountain:Stephen Hunter sees the film very clearly: ... a movie is a collection of images, not just words. What is said is secondary to the imagery -- images, in the hands of a skillful filmmaker, such as the great Lee ("Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is his most well-known, "Eat Drink Man Woman" his best), are ideas. They carry ideas. They issue proclamations. They lobby for policy.And what do Lee's images tell us?...It's hard to argue … [Read more...]


At midnight on February 1, 2006, I submitted Auralia's Colors to the publisher. … [Read more...]

Will You Be One of the Unfortunate Zillions Who Misses "The New World"?

The New World's lack of Oscar nominations shows how utterly blind and unqualified Academy voters really are.This is nothing new, I know. But just because the Academy members make a habit of shoving our faces in their ignorance and susceptibility to hysteria and political hype doesn't mean it doesn't hurt each time they insult and misguide the many who think their judgments are actually meaningful. Some of you have told me I shouldn't care about this. Do I care much about the Academy? No. But … [Read more...]

Fizzgig returns!

Award-winning animation director Genndy Tartakovsky, the man who made Samurai Jack and those impressive Clone Wars cartoons, has just made my day.He's directing the sequel to the greatest puppet-animation film ever made......and here's the scoop!The script for The Dark Crystal needed a lot of help, and the narration ranks among the most annoying of all time: "And so Jen set off on his journey... the journey... of... Jen."But the visuals in this film were so enthralling, it meant … [Read more...]

"Born into Brothels" and me: Saturday in Bellevue, WA

Get ready for Super Bowl Sunday with...Dreams of Our ChildhoodI've been invited to join a panel discussion of Born into Brothels after it is featured in this film festival on Saturday afternoon.Will you be there too?Born into Brothels is in my Top 5 of 2005. If you haven't seen it, you should.Here are the festival details: UPC and First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue have teamed up again for the second FilmFest on February 3-4 at Bellevue Christian School and February 16-18 … [Read more...]

Sleepless in Seattle. (And a reunion with the Fellowship of the Ring)

The rain continues.And the wind.The deadline for the novel has arrived.I'm not finished.Haven't slept.Car getting towed to the shop today.Haunted by Oscar nominations.Feeling feverish.Some think it's romantic, but I know the truth about being...Sleepless in Seattle.(To taste the fear, watch that trailer.) (Thanks for the link, Rachel Eby.)Oh, and if it drives you crazy to get a chorus hook stuck in your head, just try coping with your life after you … [Read more...]

Other memorable Oscar quotes of the day…

"You can't pasteurize the Academy Award, you can't negotiate it. It is the top." - Felicity Huffman, Transamerica Hate to break it to you, Ms. Huffman, but, well, you're completely wrong. "I was completely surprised." - Reese Witherspoon, Walk the Line Ummm... if any nomination this year was a lock, it was yours, Reese. Give yourself some credit. "My levels of gratitude will be overflowing all day, so I'll be making a mess as they spill all over wherever I go." - Bennett Miller, Capote I … [Read more...]

Well… (sigh)… here are those predictable, political, oh-so-wrong Oscar nominations…

If Hollywood thinks Brokeback Mountain is more interesting and artful than A History of Violence and The New World, and when nobody even notices a piece of rare big screen treasure like Millions... well, they've just lost any interest or respect I had for this year's Oscar event. I'm not even sure host John Stewart will be enough to make me tune in. … [Read more...]