Ten Years Ago Today…


Just marking the occasion... … [Read more...]

Saving Mr. Banks (2013) … or Squandering Mr. Hanks


Dear moviegoers who enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks, including those among my friends and family,I'm glad you had a good time at the movies.Seriously.I would be nothing but a snob if I scorned anybody for enjoying a heart-warming work of fiction like this one.I recognize that there are a lot of things moviegoers will enjoy here:Tom Hanks, being witty and skillful; Emma Thompson, being amusing and... British; nostalgic musical celebrations of Mary Poppins™; Paul Giamatti, in w … [Read more...]

Forget Twilight: These Are My Favorite Vampires


We're all vampires.That is to say, we all have particular kinds of "blood" that we seek — sources of sustenance and inspiration that keep our eyes open and our hearts beating in a dark and punishing world. … [Read more...]

Hey, Moviegoers: You’re Invited to a Secret Seattle Q&A [Updated: Robert Horton Details]


If you could meet and interrogate your local film critics, free of charge, would you do it? … [Read more...]

TEN YEARS! Pt. 2: The Best of Looking Closer – 2005

pacific northwest magazine overstreet portrait

This blog turns ten years old on May 11, 2014. And this post is Part Two of a ten-post series in which I'm celebrating by reflecting on some of my favorite experiences from Looking Closer's first decade. (Did you miss Part One?)2005 was one wild and crazy year at Looking Closer.So much was happening, I could hardly keep up with the posts, the movies, and the mail.And then, this happened. … [Read more...]

Podcast: Listen as a Theology Professor, an English Professor, an Ordained Minister, and a Film Critic Talk About That Noah Movie


Just imagine.What would happen if, after all of the clamor and debate about Darren Aronofsky's controversial film Noah quieted down, I — a mild-mannered higher-ed communications specialist by day, and a cantankerous film reviewer by night — sat down in a Seattle pub with... … [Read more...]

TEN YEARS! Pt. 1: The Best of Looking Closer – 2004


On April 27, 2004, I heard a song that reminded me of why I spend so much time working on this website. … [Read more...]

Listen Closer: Joe Henry; Peter Gabriel & Elbow; The Secret Sisters; Hiss Golden Messenger; Belle & Sebastian; Beck Covers Arcade Fire


Got headphones?For my money, the most exciting title on the summer music calendar is Joe Henry's new album Invisible Hour, which rivals his finest records. (Two of my favorite connoisseurs, Andy Whitman and Josh Hurst, have already declared it the album of the year, and maybe the album of the decade.)Here's a Soundcloud link to the song "Lead Me On," which features Lisa Hannigan.Does anybody write about the mystery of music more beautifully than Joe Henry? Here's an excerpt from his … [Read more...]

Scarlett Johansson is a Monster: Under the Skin


Feel free to eavesdrop as I argue with myself upon exiting the theater after seeing Jonathan Glazer's* troubling new sci-fi horror film Under the Skin. But it's a spoiler-ish conversation... … [Read more...]

Q&O = Question & Overstreet! On Muppets, Korean Cinema, U2, God’s Not Dead!, and more.

overstreet street sign fraley

Q & O = Question and Overstreet.Some of these questions came to me via email, Facebook, Twitter, or some other internet source. And some of them came to me as answers first... suggesting unspoken questions.So, if you're interested in MFA programs, Korean cinema, Muppets, God's Not Dead, U2, or my dubious opinions... here we go! … [Read more...]