Pray for Seattle Pacific University.

SPU Grass Garden 2 Autumn 2013

Thursday afternoon:Report 1 - 4:30pm. :I am in a conference room here at Seattle Pacific University with the staff of University Communications — my coworkers — and with some of our amazing student interns, some of whom have been preparing for graduation.Please pray for our community. Over the coming days, we will be in charge of communicating with the SPU community and the media.Pray for the victims, the students, the staff, the faculty, the families. And for the shooter. Christ … [Read more...]

Confessions of an X-Men Ex-Fan [Revised]

DF-07871   Hugh Jackman as Logan in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

 When Mutants aren't fighting for their rights... what do they do? Do they vacuum their apartments? Do they go to baseball games? Do they watch cat videos?Or does the Mutant Experience require constant employment of powers against those who hate Mutants, or against those Mutants who abuse their powers? … [Read more...]

Why Moviegoers Everywhere Must Learn to Say “Zvyagintsev”

the return - ivan

If you hear film buffs shouting "Zvyagintsev!" in the coming months, do not say "Gesundheit." The proper response is this: "When do I get to see Leviathan?" … [Read more...]

Gadzooks! A Godzilla for Malick Fans?


Change my mind, moviegoers.I've made clear that I'm done with movies that turn urban devastation into entertainment. I still haven't given two hours of my life to watch Man of Steel, thank God. But the more I read about Gareth Edwards' Godzilla, the more intrigued I become. Might this film actually give me food for thought? Or are film reviewers simply showing signs of desperation, clutching at straws in order to find something to say while yet another blockbuster comes in like a wrecking b … [Read more...]

Aragorn’s Favorite Peter Jackson Movie (Hint: It’s Not The Return of the King)


It's another return of the king!Aragorn is back, and he is as full of wisdom and insight as we might expect. … [Read more...]

30 Must-See Movies for Kids


Over at Letterboxd, where I keep a journal of the movies that I see, I've added some new film lists. … [Read more...]

Ten Years Ago Today…


Just marking the occasion... … [Read more...]

Saving Mr. Banks (2013) … or Squandering Mr. Hanks


Dear moviegoers who enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks, including those among my friends and family,I'm glad you had a good time at the movies.Seriously.I would be nothing but a snob if I scorned anybody for enjoying a heart-warming work of fiction like this one.I recognize that there are a lot of things moviegoers will enjoy here:Tom Hanks, being witty and skillful; Emma Thompson, being amusing and... British; nostalgic musical celebrations of Mary Poppins™; Paul Giamatti, in w … [Read more...]

Forget Twilight: These Are My Favorite Vampires


We're all vampires.That is to say, we all have particular kinds of "blood" that we seek — sources of sustenance and inspiration that keep our eyes open and our hearts beating in a dark and punishing world. … [Read more...]

Hey, Moviegoers: You’re Invited to a Secret Seattle Q&A [Updated: Robert Horton Details]


If you could meet and interrogate your local film critics, free of charge, would you do it? … [Read more...]