Police, Adjective… Review, Adjectives

My review of Police, Adjective is posted at Image. Here's how it starts. … [Read more...]

Minimalist Movie Posters

Minimalist Movie Posters.Take your time. Think about them. They all make perfect sense. … [Read more...]

Hello, Pittsburgh, I’m On the Air

This week, on Pittsburgh's WORD-FM, John Hall and Kathy Emmons are talking with special guests about Christianity and culture. And I got to join the party. Want to hear our on-the-air chat? … [Read more...]

Thank You, Spokane!

I gave a Through a Screen Darkly presentation in Spokane yesterday, and I'm still grinning from the fun I had there.Many thanks to the College Women's Association of Spokane for giving me a warm welcome, and proving to be gracious hosts during my stay on Tuesday and Wednesday.Special thanks to Karen Murray and Harla Jean Biever for inviting me to speak about "dangerous moviegoing", and to everyone who enriched the conversation afterward. … [Read more...]

2009: Looking Closer’s Favorite Films

Originally, my list of 2009 favorite films was published as a three-part series at Image's Good Letters blog. You can read that here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three.But as promised, I'll be revising the list as I catch up with 2009 releases that I missed during my long hours of writing Raven's Ladder.Here are a few thoughts on 2009's moviegoing year, and the latest version of my list. … [Read more...]

This Just In: “Climbing Raven’s Ladder

Book reviewer Lindsay Stallones has conspired to get her hands on a copy of Raven's Ladder.Here's her report.I must say, while I don't write in order to please book reviewers (I write because I enjoy it), a few words like this can be a tremendous encouragement to keep on writing, to keep on finding ways to improve. Fuel in the tank.My thanks to Lindsay for her thoughtful reading and her review.UPDATE: And now... another reader responds! See Raven's Ladder posing provocatively … [Read more...]

Film Viewing Journal 2008-Today

The Looking Closer Film Viewing Journal is open for business.This is the post where I'll catalog most of the movies I see. … [Read more...]

Thank You, Cathleen Falsani!

My friend Cathleen Falsani, whose unapologetic journalism about faith for The Chicago Sun-Times has been a pioneering work of exploration and religious inquiry in the public square, is moving on.Her farewell piece for the Sun-Times is about Crazy Heart, the new film starring Jeff Bridges (and, I might add, featuring some music by Sam Phillips!)But it's about a whole lot more than that.With her permission, I'm reposting that farewell article from her blog: … [Read more...]

Through the Eyes of Haitian Teenagers

Remember the powerful, inspiring movie Born into Brothels?If you were inspired by that, then check this out. … [Read more...]

Raven’s Ladder contest/giveaway!

Folks who have joined my Facebook fan page are reading the details on the first of several Raven's Ladder contests and giveaways. … [Read more...]