The World That the Oscars Forgot, Part One

It's hard to believe.But America is not the only country in the world that makes movies. … [Read more...]


I'm drawn to stories that have multiple plotlines woven like threads into a tapestry. Magnolia and Code Unknown are two of my favorites. Do you have a favorite "tapestry" movie or story? … [Read more...]

Seven Days, As the Raven Flies

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Another Reader Goes Through a Screen Darkly

I'm jealous of anybody who has time to read. I'm especially jealous of folks who have time to read fifty two books in one year! … [Read more...]

Brandywine Books: A Conversation About Raven’s Ladder, Writing, Editing, Sales, and Reviews

Brandywine Books' Philip Wade talked with me about... … [Read more...]

The Contest Continues

Thanks to all of you who have emailed me, or contacted me on Facebook, with your entries in The Auralia Thread contest! … [Read more...]

Talking with Christy Tennant at the International Arts Movement

In preparation for my first real trip to New York, I had a conversation with Christy Tennant, host of IAM Conversations for the International Arts Movement.Christy started off by going right for the sore spot: What do I think of the Oscar nominations? So... … [Read more...]

Terrence Malick is Working on a Third Film for 2010?

Must. Remain. Calm. So I can type this properly. … [Read more...]


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Police, Adjective… Review, Adjectives

My review of Police, Adjective is posted at Image. Here's how it starts. … [Read more...]