Curator: Jenni Simmons Invites You to a Conversation on Fantasy and Imagination

A few days back, Jenni Simmons and I had a long conversation about imagination and fantasy. … [Read more...]

Easiest Contest Ever?

Just type your name and email address into the Comments at Fanstasy/SciFi Book Review, and you might win all three of my novels: Auralia's Colors, Cyndere's Midnight, and Raven's Ladder! … [Read more...]

Magic for Everybody!

When I discovered the character called Auralia - that mischievous, compulsively creative young girl who weaves together all of the colors she can find in the dark forest - I was reminded of many friends and inspirations who live lives of constant imaginative endeavor. … [Read more...]

A Special Guest in Toy Story 3

A very special guest appears at about 0:49 in the new Toy Story 3 trailer. … [Read more...]

Last Chance: Win all three Auralia Thread books. Cast an Auralia movie.

Just a reminder... … [Read more...]

The World That the Oscars Forgot, Part One

It's hard to believe.But America is not the only country in the world that makes movies. … [Read more...]


I'm drawn to stories that have multiple plotlines woven like threads into a tapestry. Magnolia and Code Unknown are two of my favorites. Do you have a favorite "tapestry" movie or story? … [Read more...]

Seven Days, As the Raven Flies

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Another Reader Goes Through a Screen Darkly

I'm jealous of anybody who has time to read. I'm especially jealous of folks who have time to read fifty two books in one year! … [Read more...]

Brandywine Books: A Conversation About Raven’s Ladder, Writing, Editing, Sales, and Reviews

Brandywine Books' Philip Wade talked with me about... … [Read more...]