On “Twilight,” “New Moon,” and “the Hallmark of Immaturity”

"I think the ears are tastiest.""Me, I prefer the chin.""I'm a forearm man, myself. And things just taste better when the girl's has helpless as this one."Yes, like it or not, New Moon is here. And last night's midnight opening show set some kind of all-time box-office record for such arrivals. Basically, ticket-buyers told Hollywood: WE WANT MORE OF THIS. And so, that is what moviegoers will receive. Except what's coming will be even worse because it will be even more … [Read more...]

Five “Auralia’s Colors” Confessions: Old Thieves Make a Discovery

Ladies and gentlemen, here are...The Top 5 Confessions about Auralia's Colors, Chapter 1: "Old Thieves Make a Discovery." … [Read more...]

Which of your children is your favorite?

Okay, no, I'm not really asking you to name your favorite child. But now you know something of how I felt when asked to name my favorite from among my characters. … [Read more...]

Auralia Thread Readers: Want to Be on My Next Video Blog?

Last time on the video blog, my special guests were singer/songwriter Sam Phillips and poet Luci Shaw.Next time, it might be you.Let me explain. … [Read more...]

Thanks for the Comments on “Where the Wild Things Are”

After reading so many disparaging reviews of Where the Wild Things Are, I began to feel that I'd seen a different movie, for it moved and inspired me powerfully. … [Read more...]

Climbing “Raven’s Ladder”

My birthday was a month ago, but a bunch of gifts have arrived in November... thoughtful comments from a few readers who have read Raven's Ladder. And I'm grateful.Here's what they're saying... … [Read more...]

Is LookingCloser.org Having a Film Festival?

No, not quite.But the truth is even better. … [Read more...]

Hoop Dreams: Why the Academy Snubbed It

At long last, we know the story about why one of the great American documentaries was kicked to the curb by the Academy. Here's the story. … [Read more...]

Where the Wild Things Are (2009)


This review was originally published at the Image blog, Good Letters.-By the time Max shouted “Let the wild rumpus start!” on opening day ofWhere the Wild Things Are, a rumpus was already raging among the film’s critics.Reviewers have been roaring and beating their chests in debate. Were director Spike Jonze and screenwriter Dave Eggers faithful enough to author Maurice Sendak’s lavishly illustrated pages? Should they be treated like kings? Or sent to their rooms without dinner? … [Read more...]

Moviegoers Who Stare at So-So Comedies

Meh.Or better... meh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh.The Men Who Stare At Goats is... amusing. Not much more than that. … [Read more...]