Guillermo Del Toro’s Hints About “The Hobbit”

TotalFilm has a revealing interview with Guillermo Del Toro about his two upcoming Hobbit movies. … [Read more...]

Criterion’s Wings of Desire: My Favorite Movie Gets Its Ideal Treatment

The best way to see Wings of Desire is on a very big screen. But it's also important to see a print that delivers its extravagant imagery without distortion or damage. Thanks to The Criterion Collection, a pristine version is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.My revised review of the film is here. … [Read more...]

“Raven’s Ladder”: Somebody’s Starting Rumors

Uh oh.Now I'm getting notes in my email that a copy of Raven's Ladder has slipped out of the publisher's hands. And somebody's read it. And they're spreading around reports like this one and this one. How delightful... I mean, how premature! … [Read more...]

The Blue Raft on Cyndere’s Midnight

Many thanks to the folks at The Blue Raft for their encouraging words about Cyndere's Midnight. … [Read more...]

Joe Henry, Sam Phillips, and The Long Play:’s Video Blog #2

I'm still a beginner when it comes to iMovie. But I'm learning a little every time I work with it.This episode, in which I learn that ten minutes is too long for this sort of thing, covers some of my favorite recent music. And it has a couple of surprises for you.Enjoy.And when you're finished, go visit and, where you'll find information about two worlds abundant in poetry and insight. … [Read more...]

Last Night, a Fire Blazed on 85th Street in Seattle…

Here's actor/novelist/pastor Jeff Berryman on the Taproot fire.When we talk about all that Christians should learn about being artists of integrity... … [Read more...]

Opening the Door to Crimson Glory on October 22nd.

The sun came up on a day without a deadline, the first day of that kind I've seen in a long, long time.As if he wanted to be first in line for my attention, my cat Mardukas perched on my chest, purring madly, as I woke up.I opened the front door and gasped at the extravagant golds and reds of our Crimson Glory display—leaves the size of dinner plates, each ablaze with burgundy, rust, and yellow. It was as though their autumn exhibition, all by itself, was renouncing the ocean of fog that … [Read more...]

N.T. Wright Visits “Planet Narnia” and Really Likes It There

N.T. Wright considers Michael Ward's Planet Narnia: This introduction to a masterpiece is something of a masterpiece in its own right. Lewis’s ghost (whom Lewis envisaged as a possible benign presence around Magdalene College, Cambridge) has reason to be grateful that the crucial discovery was made by someone capable of expounding it with such subtlety and depth. There are tiny blemishes ... but the overall effect is remarkable. Michael Ward has written a book whose “donegality” is the medieval … [Read more...]

Do You Like Writing? Editing? Publishing? Need a Job?

Come work with me on this fantastic team of writers, editors, and designers.Seattle Pacific University is hiring a new Managing Editor for Response magazine. Make a difference. The print magazine has 58,000+ subscribers, and then there are the others who visit us online.Check out the magazine here.Subscribe to the print publication for free: Email me at with your mailing address.And find out more about the job here. Or just keep reading after the jump... … [Read more...]

Best Stormtrooper Ever.

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