Noteworthy moments in the Raven’s Ladder blog tours

Blog tours are interesting.You find readers who really "get" what you've written, who provide fascinating interpretations and useful criticism, and you find readers who really don't connect with your work. Sometimes you read criticism that leaves you puzzled.Here are a few moments from the Raven's Ladder blog tours I found interesting:S.J. Deal makes predictions here about what will happen in Book 4. He has some very perceptive ideas about the chapters I'm currently writing. Is he … [Read more...]

Your Fantasy-Novel Pet Peeves… and Auralia’s Colors.

What are your fantasy novel pet peeves?The fantasy writer at begins a post with this: … [Read more...]

Pop Damage reviews Raven’s Ladder

Who says Monday mornings are a drag?!I was minding my own business, getting some work done here at the office, when lo... I was blessed by a friend who sent me this link. … [Read more...]

The Crazy Interview Begins.

Having completed a long list of online interviews for Raven's Ladder, I've challenged fans and friends at my Facebook Page to ask me questions that I haven't seen on an interview before. (I've answered "What inspired you to write this series?" about 25 times.)So people are sending in questions. Some of them are interesting, some are hilarious.This has given me an idea... … [Read more...]

I’m a ramblin’ guy. I’m ramblin’, ramblin’ round…

Chances are I'll make my way to your neighborhood one of these days, if I haven't already. And I'd love to meet readers, and anybody who has ventured into the world of Auralia's Colors, Cyndere's Midnight, and Raven's Ladder.These days, I've been delivering presentations on:"Following The Auralia Thread" - Writing Fantasy as a Practice of Discovery "Beyond Blockbusters" - Entering the Mind of Contemplative Cinema "Through a Screen Darkly" - Faith, Discernment, and a … [Read more...]

Who would you cast? (Answer, and You Might Win a Prize.)

One of my favorite kinds of "wishful thinking" is to cast movies of my favorite novels. I've been "dream-casting" since I was a kid. I remember deciding that I wanted to see Ian Holm play Bilbo Baggins when I was in high school, and lo... it came to be. I wanted to see Daniel Day-Lewis play Aragorn... and it's been reported that they actually offered him the part more than once! (Oh, if only he'd taken that.) So... … [Read more...]

About Raven’s Ladder

ABOUT THIS BOOK A DEADLY MENACE IS BREAKING THROUGH THE GROUND. THE PEOPLE OF ABASCAR MUST ABANDON THEIR STONE REFUGE AND FLEE INTO VULNERABILITY IN THE FOREST. BUT THEIR KING HAS HAD A VISION…Following the beacon of Auralia’s colors and the footsteps of a mysterious dream-creature, King Cal-raven has discovered a destination for his weary crowd of refugees. It’s a city only imagined in legendary tales. And it gives him hope to establish New Abascar.But when Cal-raven is waylaid by fortune hu … [Read more...]

Five Auralia’s Colors Confessions: “Summoner and Stranger”

The adventure continues...Once in a while, chapters require several rewrites. But once in a while, they happen so easily that it's like I'm watching a movie and describing what I'm shown. This chapter was like a movie in my head. Maybe a filmmaker will make it happen someday. For now, all I can offer is the chapter I wrote.Here are My Top 5 Confessions About Auralia's Colors, Chapter 6 - Summoner and Stranger … [Read more...]

Five Auralia’s Colors Confessions: “The Ale Boy”

He's small, he's quiet, and he lives with a painful mystery.Here are my Top 5 Confessions About Auralia's Colors, Chapter 5 - The Ale Boy … [Read more...]

Five Auralia’s Colors Confessions: “The Merchant’s Daughter”

Run for your lives! It's...The Top 5 Confessions about Auralia's Colors, Chapter 4 - The Merchant's Daughter … [Read more...]