The Strange Horizons Interview

Thanks to John Ottinger for the interview about Auralia's Colors and Cyndere's Midnight that appears at Strange Horizons today.I take a lot of encouragement from this as I prepare to revise Raven's Ladder, the third book in The Auralia Thread. … [Read more...]

Auralia geekery

Many thanks to the folks at Faith and Geekery, especially Aaron, for their kind words about Auralia's Colors.Auralia’s Colors is a treat not just for those who enjoy a good story, but for those who appreciate how the story is told. Overstreet’s prose is well-crafted, and each word is chosen for a purpose. He uses it to conjure some incredible imagery, with unexpected similes and phrases that sometimes borders on poetry. He has a unique way of writing about the world he has created that is … [Read more...]

Auralia Thread Update: New Title for the Gold Strand?

On Friday, I'll be turning in the (very rough) draft of the third book in The Auralia Thread. Then, my editor will plow through it and come up with many brilliant suggestions for sharpening the story for you. When she's finished, I'll go back on my tour of Seattle coffee shops, almost every evening and all weekend long, revising, revising, revising.Auralia's Colors was The Red Strand. Cyndere's Midnight was The Blue Strand.The third volume will be The Gold Strand.But will it be … [Read more...]

Auralia in King County’s Journal Newspapers This Month

Many, many thanks to writer Cathy Herholdt, an inspired writer who has given Auralia and Cyndere a generous amount of wordage in the March editions of the Journal newspapers, which are popping up all over the King County area as we speak.Tell your friends, and pick up a copy! … [Read more...]

“Auralia’s Colors” … in Dutch!

De kleuren van Auralia is here.I'm trying not to take it personally that it's described as a "Schitterend fantasy-boek." (What exactly does that mean?)UPDATE:Anne and I have plane tickets to Amsterdam in hand. In April, we will indeed be boarding my first international flight since 1991. I'm preparing several presentations on Christian discernment in film, and I'll be addressing a variety of audiences. Many, many thanks in advance to my generous hosts, program planners, and the … [Read more...]

Robert Treskillard’s Interview, and the CCSF Tour

Robert Treskillard, one of the bloggers for the CCSF Blog Tour, carried on an interview with me via email over the last several days, and today that interview is published on his site.Thanks for the thoughtful questions, Robert!More reviews are popping up here: … [Read more...]

Lighthouse Academy on “Cyndere’s Midnight”

Lighthouse Academy has discovered Cyndere's Midnight. And I'm grateful for the kind words she's posted. … [Read more...]

Answering questions about Cyndere’s Midnight and more

Jake Chism at The Christian Manifesto asked me a bunch of questions... and I answered them.Lo and behold, here's the conversation, chock full-o revelations about Cyndere's Midnight, my favorite movie of 2008 (which won't be released until 2009, if it is ever released at all), … [Read more...]

Thursday at 12:30: Cyndere’s Midnight at SPU

On Thursday at 12:30, in the Library at Seattle Pacific University, I'll be reading from Cyndere's Midnight and saying a few words about the next volume in The Auralia Thread.Copies of Auralia's Colors and Cyndere's Midnight will be for sale there, along with free Auralia Thread posters. And I'll be answering your questions about the books and the upcoming volumes.I hope to see you there! … [Read more...]

Auralia on Maple Mountain

Auralia's Colors is getting some attention at the Maple Mountain Story Club, and I'm grateful for S.D. Smith's enthusiasm! … [Read more...]