Want a free copy of "Auralia’s Colors"?

Jen just might give you one. … [Read more...]

Auralia Around the World!

Auralia's Colors has been inspiring some interesting responses from readers. Today, I received a package today from Vicki, an Auralia's Colors reader in Manila.Vicki works in Manila, but she was reading Auralia's Colors while traveling to a scientific conference in Taipei.This is the second time she's sent me an extravagant package. (She wrote in response to Through a Screen Darkly too.) What fun. It reminds me of receiving care packages from home after I moved from Portland to Seattle fo … [Read more...]

TitleTrakk interview

Kevin Lucia at TitleTrakk asked me some questions about Auralia's Colors. Like these: … [Read more...]

"Auralia’s Colors" at SciFi.com!

If you check fast, Auralia's Colors is a news item on the front page of SciFi.com! … [Read more...]

Faithful Reader reviews "Auralia’s Colors"

What a happy way to wrap up a Friday at work. … [Read more...]

Many, many thanks to my three audiences during yesterday’s talk-a-thon!

I am dizzy and exhausted after yesterday's triathalon of speaking engagements...  … [Read more...]

Paste Magazine’s Josh Jackson Interprets “Auralia’s Colors”

It's exciting for me when folks who blog about fantasy literature discover Auralia's Colors.It's rather startling when the editor of your favorite music magazine blogs about it. … [Read more...]

Hallelujah! Books Three and Four will be Real.

Tonight Anne and I read through the contract, line by line, for Books Three and Four of "The Auralia Thread."And then we signed it.This is so hard to believe. Auralia has her epic.Many, many thanks to Lee Hough, my agent, Shannon Hill and everybody at WaterBrook, and to all of you who are making Auralia's Colors "a contender."For years, I wondered if I'd ever get the chance to shift from focusing on other people's stories here at Looking Closer to sharing my own stories with you. … [Read more...]

Many Thanks to Third Place Books

Check out the new gallery of photos taken by my neice Amelia. (Thanks, Amelia!)I'm weary, and it's late, but I need to take a moment and thank everyone who came to tonight's Third Place Books "release party" for Auralia's Colors.It was so great to see so many of you. Even my landlords came! Tommy and Vivian Fong sat right in the front. And I owe them so many thanks for giving Anne and me such a wonderful place to live, work, and play. Auralia grew up under their watchful care.Thanks … [Read more...]

Auralia’s Ongoing Celebrations

Many, many thanks to the crowd that filled all available chairs in The Next Chapter bookstore last Saturday night.Many thanks to John and Sharon Connell for being such generous, gracious hosts there.Thanks to all who listened while I shared the story behind Auralia's Colors, and read Chapter One.Thanks to the heckler who stood across the street from the store and shouted at me.Thanks to my parents for driving all the way from Portland, Oregon. And for teaching me to read and … [Read more...]