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1. A few weeks back I got around to watching Horton Hears a Who. I've been putting together a review in bits and pieces since then, and I posted it today. In short, I wanted to turn it off at the halfway point.And speaking of thumbs-down reviews, what's going on with reviews for Gran Torino? I haven't seen it, but the split amongst critics is bewildering. And most of the film critics I know and admire are giving it a good thrashing. Maybe I'll wait for DVD.2. Here's Andy Whitman, longtime … [Read more...]

Ender’s Game goes into overtime. Family films 2009. Is Jesus in your heart?

The LA Times on Orson Scott Card's Ender series ... and the ongoing saga of an Ender movie that never gets made. (Have I ever told you I have a nephew named Ender... named for Card's character?) Again, thanks to Chattaway. -Cinematical muses over the upcoming year's crop of family-friendly films.- Stephen Lamb on why Jesus doesn't live in his heart. (Or something like that.) … [Read more...]

Browser, 11/6

First, the previews... … [Read more...]

Browser, 11/5

First, the preview for Revolutionary Road... … [Read more...]

Browser, 9/6: Aronofsky’s Golden Lion!; Roger Ebert’s Favorite Movie; What Richard Linklater, Orson Welles, and Zac Efron Have in Common?

ARONOFSKY'S WRESTLING PIC IS A VENICE FILM FEST CHAMPDarren Aronosfky, director of The Fountain and Requiem for a Dream, has just been given¬†the Golden Lion award¬†at the Venice Film Festival for his new film The Wrestler, which stars¬†Mickey Rourke.¬†Hopefully we'll hear more from some of my pals who are at the Toronto fest. The movie will screen there on Monday.¬†I spoke with Aronofsky, who is married to actress Rachel Weisz, by telephone, and then again in person, when The Fountai … [Read more...]

Browser, 8/24: Ebert on China; Stillman Still Winning Fans; A True Champion; Faith-Bashing on the Big-Screen

ROGER EBERT GIVES CHINA'S OLYMPICS A BIG THUMB'S UP Yes, there are criticisms to be made. China, like all nations, is far from perfect. Our Bill of Rights would create an upheaval in their society. There are all the stories about the "fakery" of the Olympics opening ceremony. True, but the ceremony was showbiz, which since time immemorial has shown us what cannot be. The amazing aspect is that so many aspects of the "fakery" were so quickly revealed, and no one lost his head because of treason. … [Read more...]

Greydanus on “Brideshead Revisited”

I just realized that Steven Greydanus reviewed Brideshead Revisited, and somehow I missed it. He knows the book, and he gives the movie a lashing. Brideshead Revisited, directed by Julian Jarrold (Becoming Jane) from a screenplay by Jeremy Brock (The Last King of Scotland) and Andrew Davies (Bridget Jones‚Äôs Diary), gets a few things right. The allure of the opulent elegance of Brideshead (York‚Äôs Castle Howard, as in the miniseries) for middle-class artist Charles Ryder (Matthew Goode, Match … [Read more...]

Browser, 8/16: Lonergan returns; Phillips; Moriarty Says “Star Wars is Dead”

The Browser: News & links to raise your eyebrows & furrow your brow. New headlines will be added as the day goes on. Stay tuned. … [Read more...]

Browser, 8:14: Ebert on “Clone Wars”; WALL-E’s wisdom; Woody Allen Reflects; Death Cab to despair?; Captain Ahab; Mountain Goats

ROGER EBERT ON "STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS"It begins: Has it come to this? Has the magical impact of George Lucas' original vision of "Star Wars" been reduced to the level of Saturday morning animation?' And later: This is the first feature-length animated "Star Wars" movie, but instead of pushing the state of the art, it's retro. You'd think the great animated films of recent years had never been made. The characters have hair that looks molded from Play-Doh, bodies that seem arthritic, … [Read more...]

WALL-E magic. Also: “Wit” and “Passion” and Painful Movies

No, they caaaaan't take that awayyyy from me....I'm loving the raves for WALL-E.The first and the second time I saw the film, I came away saying, "I can't review this movie. Not yet. Because I can't explain the power it has over me. I honestly don't know how Andrew Stanton or his collaborators do it."I hate the cliche... but it is, indeed, movie magic at its best.A few of my friends and colleagues don't get it on this one. That's fine. No movie is perfect. I'm not spirited away … [Read more...]