The Kindlings Muse Reviews “Prince Caspian,” “Indiana Jones,” “Mongol,” and More

For all of those people who wrote to me asking, "What do you think of Bella? Isn't it great? Don't you love it? Isn't it the best movie of the year?" Well, I've finally delivered a review. It's here, in this podcast. … [Read more...]

Horton, Deckard, Sweeney, Amadeus, and a Red Balloon!

Free download!Listen to Dick Staub, Greg Wright, Jennifer Spohr -- and me! -- as we discuss Horton Hears a Who, Expelled, Snow Angels, Blade Runner, Sweeney Todd, Once, Amadeus, Flight of the Red Balloon, and Lady Jane on this month's Kindlings Muse movie podcast. … [Read more...]