The Presidents of the United States of America

As America waits to see Steven Spielberg's Abraham Lincoln film, starring Daniel Day-Lewis in what some are treating as an automatic Oscar-winning performance, here comes another "Hail to the Chief!" kind of movie, starring Bill "He's Overdue" Murray as FDR.Here's the trailer for Hyde Park on the Hudson. … [Read more...]

"I want to be a writer." "How do I improve my chances of getting published?" "Should I get an agent?"

I get a lot of emails from aspiring writers. Some of them I feel equipped to answer. Some of them I don't... … [Read more...]

31 years late: Some thoughts on Chariots of Fire

I've written a two-part reflection on the 1981 film Chariots of Fire, which is appearing at Good Letters, the blog hosted by IMAGE. … [Read more...]

Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom opens the Cannes Film Festival

Anderson’s cinema contains a peculiar mix that makes it an ideal opening night vehicle. There’s a kind of absolute auteurism, a hyper-aggressive formalism, an insistence on the camera’s view as a proscenium arch inside of which an entirely theatrical universe is created, alongside a lightness, a preference for melancholy swathed in the scent of vanilla, sadness as a weekend romp, the melodramas of parents and the children they don’t understand as storybook fantasies. Robert Koehler attended this … [Read more...]

I feel I've climbed a mountain.

Need a book that will keep you up past bedtime turning pages... even though it's as big as a nightstand?  … [Read more...]

More worthwhile reading on The Avengers and The Tree of Life

There are so many reviews and commentaries on The Avengers out there, it's kind of ridiculous.But that doesn't mean you won't find some sharp needles in the haystack.Here are a couple that I found particularly, um... sharp. … [Read more...]

Two lectures on one Saturday afternoon

I'm giving two lectures at this weekend's Northwest Christian Writers Renewal event.As a preface to these events, Kirk Kraft asked me some questions. … [Read more...]

Gratitude for Grace and Good Friends

I need to write this all down while the details are still vivid in my memory.And then I need to stop telling the story for a while. I've answered so many questions about it this weekend that I'm exhausted and I need to set my mind on other subjects. You'll understand...On Friday morning, just after 9 a.m., at the corner beside our house, Anne and I waited in the left-turn lane for the signal to change. It was sunny. Anne was driving. I had an enormous red mug full of Earl Grey tea. We … [Read more...]

Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye … and Me.

On Monday night, April 31, Anne and I sat in the middle of a crowd of comic book superhero fans and film critics. And we had a fantastic time, as the crowd cheered and laughed and celebrated throughout The Avengers' 142-minute running time.But then, what you feel while you're watching a movie can be very different from what you think about after the movie.I've written a review that includes all of the exclamation points that were exploding in my head while I watched the movie... and yet … [Read more...]

My Sixpence None the Richer wish is coming true…

Whenever I put on Sixpence None the Richer, my cat Jonathan Mardukas sings along.Sometimes, Zooey joins in, singing harmony.They're a regular She & Him, Zooey and the Duke.And speaking of Sixpence None the Richer... … [Read more...]