Terry Gilliam Talks About Christianity

The man who guards the Bridge of Death speaks: … [Read more...]

The New Yorker meditates on Miyazaki

The genius behind such films as My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away is the subject of discussion in an online exclusive at The New Yorker this week. … [Read more...]

The 2005 Arts and Faith Film Critics Circle Awards – Nominations are in!

For those who don't know, the Arts and Faith Film Critics Circle is a fellowship of critics applying Christian perspectives to film through reviews and discussion, seeking to encourage revealing and intelligent dialogue about the human experience.Formely the Promontory Film Critics Circle, this four-year-old association changed its name, updated its membership requirements, and revised its mission statement this year. Now under the name The Arts and Faith Film Critics Circle ... due to our … [Read more...]

Is Ebert’s Memory Failing?

UPDATE: It turns out that he was thinking of a scene from "Rick," a film that was out a couple of years ago, with Bill Pullman. Spooky. And, as a matter of fact, Ebert's review has now been corrected, and the mistakes are gone.-Roger Ebert's review of "In Good Company" is very very strange indeed.(Kudos to Steven Greydanus for catching this bizarro review.)First of all, he says,It's about a corporate culture that tries to be evil and fails.I've seen the movie, and I have … [Read more...]

What’s a Parable?

My friend Ron Reed happened to quote writer C.H. Dodd today in offering the definition of the word "parable." Ron referenced this in summing up the virtues of The Return, my favorite film of 2004. … [Read more...]

Dennis Quaid: Doing What Harrison Ford Failed to Do

For the last two decades, Harrison Ford has been so narrowly focused on action-hero movies and traditional romantic leading-man roles that he's accepted increasingly embarrassing projects. There have been the occasional experiments--"Presumed Innocent," and that awful romance with Kirsten Scott Thomas, but he's clearly shown that he needs help in selecting decent projects.Dennis Quaid, on the other hand, has continued to improve as an actor, choosing good roles (with the occasional … [Read more...]

My Favorite Albums of 2004

Here are my favorite albums of 2004. … [Read more...]

Frederick Buechner fans … the Buechner movie is available.

Looks like the film is finished. You can even watch the first fifteen minutes online. … [Read more...]

Million Dollar Baby Joins My 2004 Top Ten

This always happens. No sooner do I turn in my Top Ten list of 2004 to meet a deadline than I suddenly discover a film that changes everything. … [Read more...]

The Top Ten Books of 2004 – by John Wilson

The editor of Books and Culture, John Wilson... … [Read more...]