The hero of Hotel Rwanda has some questions for us.

If you haven't seen Hotel Rwanda, you should. … [Read more...]

We Can Help

More important than giving Christmas presents... … [Read more...]


My Christmas visit with family and friends in Portland, Oregon, was a time that humbled me and reminded me of just how generously God has filled my life with amazing people. … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

My life would be empty without Christ, who has shown me what little of love and beauty I have seen, who has spoken to me what little of truth I have heard, who has forgiven what foolish things I have done, and who occasionally finds that he can do something, here and there, with my feeble capabilities.I'm taking the next three days off, giving my computer a rest and focusing on my wife and family, giving back to them a small fraction of what they've given me. As a wise songwriter once sang, … [Read more...]

What friends are saying about Lemony Snicket…

My good friends and ever-so-dependable colleagues in film-dissection have beaten me to the punch on Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. In fact, I haven't even seen the film yet. But they have. … [Read more...]

Guess who hates the SciFi Channel’s Earthsea?

The author. … [Read more...]

Mmmmm! Kitten Soup!

The funniest thing I've read online today was in the blog of my brother-in-law Jeremy, a mischievous father if I've ever known one. His blog basically recounts interesting episodes with his children. Here's the entry that made me laugh out loud.... … [Read more...]

Finding Neverland: Reflecting More Light Than It Knows?

It's hard to believe Finding Neverland, a small, beautiful, almost perfect motion picture, possessed of a rare and gentle grace, is from the same director who brought us the heavy-handed, implausible, indulgent Monster's Ball. Marc Forster has given us a big screen blessing with this softspoken, restrained, unsentimental movie.Yes, I said "unsentimental," and that's where I part ways with some of the film's critics.Most American movies that employ the word "BELIEVE" in capital letters … [Read more...]

Sideways Dominates 2004 Film Awards

More and more critics' awards are coming in, and the Golden Globe nominations are in as well. … [Read more...]

At GreenLake Presybterian: Let’s Talk About the Movies of 2004

You could sit and read dozens of "Year's Best" lists in the next few weeks, or you could just skip all of that and pencil this date onto your calendar:¬†January 9th, 2005.I'll be at GreenLake Presbyterian Church in Seattle to talk to anyone that cares to listen about what the films of 2004 say to us about ourselves, our culture, where we're hurting, what we're hoping for, and what we value. I'll talk about what was worth seeing, what wasn't, what's worth seeing again, and what I'm trying to … [Read more...]