“This is about who do you love, how do you love, why do you love.”

Each member of U2 interviewed in USA Today: "This is a gigantic and preposterous analogy," [Bono] warns. "In the days after Hiroshima, people were never so close to their families and never so hedonistic. The world was a much more fragile place when they saw what the splitting of the atom could do. Suddenly, the world had a sell-by date, perhaps. This album was no time for philosophizing. This is about who do you love, how do you love, why do you love." … [Read more...]

Kate Bowman on the improving Christian dialogue about film

My friend Kate Bowman knocked one out of the park in Catapult magazine last month. … [Read more...]

Peter T. Chattaway clobbers "Kinsey"

Mainstream reviews of Kinsey are commenting on the "hysterical, right-wing, Christian protest" of the film. … [Read more...]

More Fun with Film Review Editing!

Here are more paragraphs from recently published Christian film reviews. Get out your red pen and respond in the comments section.Remember, the goal here is to emphasize the need for better film writing, not to ridicule anybody or put down any particular online review site.The first ste of excerpts is from a new review of Sideways. I won't say who wrote it. I won't say who published it. I'll just say it proved very difficult to read because I kept wanting to wake up the editor.Here's … [Read more...]

Sideways Should Earn Paul Giamatti Another Nomination.

I finally caught up with Alexander Payne's latest film, Sideways, tonight and liked it much, much better than his last film, About Schmidt. … [Read more...]

House of Flying Daggers: Don’t Miss It!

Film critics are beginning to groan about this being an interesting but less-than-satisfying year for movies. I've got to agree. Usually, the Oscar season reveals a handful of movies that are worth revisiting time and time again. This year, there's been one disappointment after another, with only a scattered few titles worthy of multiple viewings. And most of those are still significantly flawed.Usually, there's at least one film that has me shouting from the rooftops at the end of the year. … [Read more...]

Which Film Contains More Make Believe – ‘Kinsey’ or ‘Finding Neverland’?

Here's this week's edition of Film Forum, with more than you need to know about this week's new releases. … [Read more...]

Tom Hanks will star in The DaVinci Code

Looks like this decent piece of commercial fiction, full of historical innaccuracies and gross misrepresentations of Christ and Christian history, is going to be in the news for a long time to come. … [Read more...]

U2 in The New York Times

U2 wins raves in The New York Times today, and look great in the photo that accompanies the article. (That photo's sure a lot more interesting than the album cover, which is the most unremarkable in the band's history.) … [Read more...]

Phillip Pullman Calls American Christians “the Mirror Image of Islamic Fundamentalists”

I consistently get emails from readers of Phillip Pullman's The Golden Compass, angry that I would dare criticize such a fine author. They argue that I'm exaggerating the anti-Christianity theme of the books. They seem to think Pullman is a man of staggering intellectual powers.Well, he does have an impressive imagination. And The Golden Compass showed he has a way with words.But it also led to sequels that exposed a blatant agenda of ridiculing and slandering Christianity as lunacy and … [Read more...]