Mojo on U2’s Atomic Bomb

from Mojo: In defiance of the burdensome weight of their own history and the lifespan of the average rock band, U2 in 2004 are rock’s only remaining superpower.Other long-lived bands continue to impress, but none come even close to matching U2’s astonishing global commercial dominance in the rock field.Of the 12 tracks here (the UK and Japanese releases have an additional track, Fast Cars) over half are instant U2 classics and the remainder are never less than very good. ‘...Atomic Bomb’ … [Read more...]

Finding Neverland and Kinsey – Guest Review by J. Robert Parks

This guest review was contributed by J. Robert Parks.- It would be hard to find two more culturally distinct figures than J.M. Barrie and Alfred Kinsey. One was a Victorian, English dandy, the other was a 20th-century, Midwestern pragmatist. One was a playwright, the other a scientist and professor. One lived in the realm of the magical, the other in the laboratory of cold, somewhat hard facts. And while both were writers, Barrie is most famous for the enduringly popular Peter Pan tale, … [Read more...]

What the world needs now … from Michael Moore and the rest of us

Hooray for David Poland for saying what so desperately needs to be said, over there at The Hot Button. I resonate with his words about divisive behavior on both sides of the political fence, about Michael Moore, and about a need for more respect from each side for the other.I'm really sorry I missed this episode of the Bill Maher show now that I hear about THIS happening... I have been in a bit of a death match with Michael Moore in this column, on the site and on the blog over the last … [Read more...]

A Scene That’s Not in the Re-make of Alfie

From James Bowman, quoted in Amy Wellborn's blog, here's a reminder of a scene in the original Alfie that somehow didn't end up in the new re-make of Alfie. Maybe it'll show up on the DVD as a "deleted scene." We can hope... … [Read more...]

Barbara Nicolosi on Civility, Despite Our Differences

But she does say this... … [Read more...]

U2 Update: Sunday Times

The Sunday Times takes us behind the scenes for one-on-one interviews with each member of U2. … [Read more...]

Email from a Reader re: The Death of Theo Van Gogh

I posted the news about Theo Van Gogh's murder, and quickly received this interesting reply that fills in more of the picture. With the writer's permission, I'd like to share it with you: ... I want you to know a little bit more about Theo van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker who was murdered last Tuesday in Amsterdam. (By the way, I'm from the Netherlands.)I conclude from your comment on the "Michael Moore's ego" post [which has since been deleted for other reasons - Jeffrey] that Theo van Gogh … [Read more...]

The Murder of Van Gogh

Andrew Sullivan puts the spotlight on details that should not be ignored. [Update: 2004 posts by Sullivan were not archived on the site, so I'm posting it here in its entirety.] THE MURDERER OF VAN GOGH: No, I'm not letting go of this story. When a film-maker in a liberal Western country is shot, has his throat cut and then has a long manifesto pinned into his flesh with a knife in broad daylight, more people need to be concerned. Now it turns out that the murderer, who had completely blended … [Read more...]

The Incredibles: My Review and the Decent Films Review

Here's my review of The Incredibles.Here's Steven D. Greydanus's review of The Incredibles.What more do you need to know? Go see it! … [Read more...]

Get out and vote … on Friday … for The Incredibles

This Friday, the unthinkable happens ...We get a superhero movie that's so good, it rivals Spider-man 2 as the best superhero movie of the year. … [Read more...]