Making Songs Out of Stories: Over the Rhine’s Linford Detweiler on 10 Years of Songwriting

[This interview was originally published at the website for a non-profit arts organization called Promontory Artists Association in February 2000.] •Linford Detweiler has learned to take it easy.It’s a Saturday afternoon in Seattle, unusually sunny for late February, and he joins my wife Anne and me for coffee and cranberry juice at the University Plaza Hotel, his home for the weekend, far from his Cincinnati headquarters. Linford, his wife singer/songwriter Karin Bergquist, and their ba … [Read more...]

Todd Komarnicki: Producer, Director, Writer—and Believer

My interview with Todd Komarnicki, the producer of the holiday-season comedy Elf (starring Will Ferrell), was published at Christianity Today on November 11, 2003. … [Read more...]