2005 – Favorite recordings of the year

I'll admit it. I did not keep up with the world of music the way I have in the past. On average, I listened to a new album every week, but the time I'd planned to spend writing about them was swallowed by film-writing assignments and fiction deadlines. It's been a demanding year in so many ways.Thanks to the vigilance of friends and colleagues like Josh Hurst, Andy Whitman, Thom Jurek, the folks at All-Music Guide and Paste Magazine, I did discover recordings that gave me relief, strength, … [Read more...]

2006 – Favorite Recordings of the Year

About this list:Once again, I find myself looking forward to hearing a long list of albums that have come highly recommended... but I haven't had the time to give them proper attention. (That's what a full-time job, weekly review-and-column deadlines, and three book deadlines will do to you.) … [Read more...]

CTMovies: The Top 10 Most Redeeming Movies of 2007

Okay, here's the first of CTMovies' two annual movie lists... … [Read more...]

Favorite Films of the Decade

Adam Walter's still in the mood for lists. So he's picking his favorite films of the DECADE.What are yours?I'm going to wait until my next break in the editing project. And then I'll come back to this post and share my own picks in answer to Adam's. So check back...[UPDATE]Okay...Here are my ten favorite films of this decade so far. These aren't necessarily the greatest works of art, but they are the films I'm enjoyed and recommended the most since 2000.The New … [Read more...]

Steven D. Greydanus’s Favorites of 2007

There is no film critic whose writing I enjoy more than Steven D. Greydanus, even though we sometimes have very different opinions of particular films. (There Will Be Blood, for instance, which didn't mean much to him, but my head is still spinning with all that I enjoyed about the film).When Greydanus gets passionate about a movie, that itself is an experience worth beholding. And when he shines the ultraviolet light on a beloved blockbuster to reveal its flaws and fractures, he leaves me … [Read more...]

Looking Closer’s 25 Favorite Films of 2007 (With an Introduction About List-Making)

Once upon a time, I was naive enough, and arrogant enough, to post lists of "the year's best films."But now, I'm reluctant to even offer a list of recommendations. It would probably be better if I posted my Favorite Movies of 2007 in 2009 or 2015.And speaking of lists, here are a few reasons why... … [Read more...]