Luci Shaw in The Washington Post

Luci Shaw's friendship, generosity, and writing has been an inspiration to Anne and me. Luci was the one who persuaded Madeleine L'Engle to write Walking on Water: Reflections on Art and Faith, a book that transformed my understanding of creativity and Christianity. And Luci herself has written several volumes of poetry, as well as The Crime of Living Cautiously, an inspiring book about living courageously, and a new memoir called Breath for the Bones.I did a lot of work on both Through a … [Read more...]

Eugene Peterson’s "Eat This Book" … and Moviegoing

I am finding Eugene Peterson's Eat This Book to be a particularly inspiring meditation on our need to read, taste, chew, and digest the Bible.And along the way, I am thunderstruck by how often the points Peterson is making about how we should read scripture run parallel what I've tried to convey about how we should attend to art.I've just read a section on the power and essentiality of storytelling. (p. 40)Check this out:Honest stories respect our freedom; they don't manipulate us, … [Read more...]