interview: "Through a Screen Darkly"

Angela Walker at has just posted what may be the most substantial interview yet about Through a Screen Darkly. … [Read more...]


Leif Hansen is a curious fellow.Curious in that he asks a lot of questions.So it's a good thing that he's got a podcast, and special guests to field his questions. … [Read more...]

Darrel Manson reads "Through a Screen Darkly"

Full disclosure: Darrel Manson, who writes for, is a friend as well as a colleague.But I'm glad he's read Through a Screen Darkly, and he's posted some thoughts about that here. … [Read more...]

On the Radio with Steve Brown, Kim Jeffries

Tune in to Steve Brown Etc.  We're talking about examining beauty, truth, and evil at the movies... and thus we're talking about Through a Screen Darkly.And later: Kim Jeffries at Along the Way. … [Read more...]

Len Evans Discovers “Darkly”

Here's another blogger, Len Evans, thinking about Through a Screen Darkly. … [Read more...]

Beyond “Darkly”: Christians in Hollywood Ponder Next Steps

I recently visited Biola University to speak about Through a Screen Darkly during their 2007 Media Conference. While I was there, I talked with several industry movers and shakers, and then wrote about the questions challenging Christians in Hollywood today. … [Read more...]

“Darkly” Inspires a Small-World Connection

Jessica Poundstone, a friend of mine quoted in Through a Screen Darkly, had quite a surprise when her quote made its way to the attention of the very person she was talking about... Bill Frisell.You gotta read it to believe it. … [Read more...]

A Two-Part Interview at Christians in the Arts

Leanne Benfield Martin is featuring a two-part interview about Through a Screen Darkly at her blog: Christians in the Arts.Here are some of her challenging questions... … [Read more...]

Professor Paul Kuritz says…

I've just discovered the blog of a fellow named Professor Paul Kuritz. Because he just just discovered Through a Screen Darkly.Thank you for that review, Professor Kuritz! … [Read more...]

My Appearance on the Albert Mohler Program

You can now listen to my interview with on the radio program with Dr. Albert Mohler!What thoughtful questions, and what a gracious, welcoming way he has with guests on the show. It was a privilege to speak with him. … [Read more...]