Overstreet’s Favorite Films: 2012

Here is the current list of my favorite films from 2012.Notice, I didn't say "the best films of 2012." Nobody, not even the most experienced and devoted cinephile, can claim to report that. We experience, interpret, and remember art as individuals with particular strengths, weaknesses, memories, loves, and fears. When we share what moves, inspires, challenges, discomforts, and offends us, we reveal a lot about ourselves. I share this list so you know what meant the most to me in 2012, and if … [Read more...]

Overstreet’s Favorite Recordings: 2012

Happy New Year!I'd invite you all to a New Year's Eve Listening Party, but there are just too many of you, and frankly... I'm tired. I need to sit quietly with Anne, listen to some music that will instill in us a sense of gratitude, and help us lean forward into all of the changes God will bring in 2013. (Anne and I are hoping for some big changes. It feels like it's time to step through a door and begin some new chapter of our adventure together.)Anyway, since I can't invite you all to … [Read more...]