Like Someone in Love (2012)

A call girl, a scholar, and a mechanic drive across town.Sounds like the setup for a joke, right?And it is, in a way. Like Someone in Love is a comedy. A twisted comedy, but it made me laugh. It was the laughter of recognition — "when you laugh but you feel like dying," as the song goes. It hurt to laugh for all of the sadness and folly that made this scenario possible.As far removed as this story is from my own experience, I laugh as I watch it because I know how these characters a … [Read more...]

Before Sunrise, Certified Copy, My Dinner with Andre: Who Would You Cast in a Two-Person Movie?

Before Sunrise... Before Sunset... and now, just like that, Richard Linklater has reunited Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy and filmed Before Midnight.That's right. Even as some of us were still speculating as to whether this movie would actually happen, shazam! There it is!Deadline reports: … [Read more...]

Certified Copy (2010)

My review of Certified Copy, my favorite film of 2010, is up at Good Letters, the blog of Image. … [Read more...]

Filmwell Returns!

Over the last week, I've been thrilled to see Filmwell - the collaborative and strange film blog for adventurous cinephiles that I started with Michael Leary a couple of years ago - transplanted to a new home base at The Other Journal, an online magazine I've admired and enjoyed for a long time.I kicked things off with a "We're Back!" post, and a few notes on the new Kelly Reichardt film Meek's Cutoff.But I'm very excited about what happened at Filmwell today... … [Read more...]

The Wind Will Carry Us (1999)

This review was written as a summary for the Arts and Faith Top 100 Films List. - The Wind Will Carry Us is often hailed as the masterpiece of Iran’s most celebrated filmmaker, Abbas Kiarostami.Apparently lost, some men who claim to be treasure hunters drive their jeep through rugged country in what seems like Middle Of Nowhere, Iran. It’s actually a Kurdish province, and a polite young boy guides the driver — a man called the Engineer (Behzad Dourani) — into the town of Siah Dareh.In f … [Read more...]